Red Light. Green Light. Red Light. Green Light.

“Red Light / Green Light” was the version of the game that we used to play as kids.  It’s “Statues” in other countries like Australia, Sweden, and Finland.  In England it’s known as  “Grandmother’s Footsteps”.  Most countries count to three and throw in a word to make  everyone freeze.   In the Netherlands it’s  “één, twee, drie, piano” (one, two, three, piano), in Mexico  “1, 2, 3, calabaza” (one, two, three, pumpkin), in France “1, 2, 3, soleil” (one, two, three, sun), in Spain  “1, 2, 3, escondite inglés” (one, two, three, English hideaway), and in Portugal  “Um, dois, três, macaquinho do chinês” (one, two, three, Chinese little monkey).    The Greeks count three “immobile little soldiers”, in Italy they count three stars.  Here in Israel it’s “1, 2, 3, herring” (or “salty fish”).

Whatever you call it, all the versions of the game involve some sort of running forward as fast as you can and then freezing in place on cue, holding perfectly still untill released according to the rules of the version you’re playing.  And then again.   And again.

That was my day today.

‘Twas a day of rushing around and waiting a lot.  Picking up and installing new software on the computer, as well as having the lab make some changes, which took an amazingly long time.  Waiting in line forever to get a modem so that I don’t have to rely solely on wifi, after hurrying to get to the place on time.  Efficiently shopping and then standing in the slowest ever checkout line at the supermarket.


stop go

I knitted as much as I could.   That’s definitely what saved my sanity.  What’s left of it.


One Response to “Red Light. Green Light. Red Light. Green Light.”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Hehe! We had a similar game in Romania too. The “catcher” was chasing after us, and when he/she got too close, we had to name an animal (on that was not named by others) and freeze. If you said an animal that someone else already used (and was frozen) , then you became the catcher. You had to wait until someone who was not the catcher gave you “life” again. 🙂
    Ah – the good times…

    I am sure your day was not easy , but at least your new Toy is set up now and you can have fun with it!

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