My kind of furniture

Meet the Bibliochaise.  And the Bibliopouf.



The chair holds 5 metres of books.   It comes in three versions, laquered in black or white, with other colours possible on request.  The cushions are cotton, leather, or furry leather with removable/washable covers in a wide range of colours.


bookchair2 (2)

That’s a whole lot of books.

The pouf holds 1.4 metres of books, and comes in the same design range.  It can go with the chair or stand alone.



Both are products of the .nobody&co. design studio in Milan, established by Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari, who began working together as an advertising team before they turned to design.  They have a bunch of other stuff in their catalog, including odd storage solutions, chairs with missing parts and an intriguing looking thing called a scroll table.   Next month, in May 2013,  they are presenting a new line – The Rainbow Circle – in a prestigious exhibition in London.

But they are best known for the biblio set.

What a brilliant solution to having a large stash of  books!  I would probably have to get rid of a few other chairs (or other things) to fit this in, but it would be worth it, no?

Should I add it to my wish list?  Or perhaps my bucket list?   I would have to check if it’s comfy first….  OK, so who wants to buy one for themselves so I can try it out?

Now if I can just find another chair that would hold all my knitting projects, I would be all set.  The ultimate home furnishings.

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One Response to “My kind of furniture”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Very cool!
    Definitely on the wish list 🙂

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