Heat. Hat. Turkey.

Aaaaand….we’re back to a heat wave.  I don’t remember April being so extreme before.

Puppy can’t stand the heat, she refuses to go on long walks.  Just quickly strolls to her favourite area outside, and then hurrys back in to lie on the cool floor.

Kidlet’s hat is going quickly, although I’ve been too busy in the house to knit much.  Did more while out yesterday.  Actively brainwashing recruiting teaching the young – went to a lovely birthday party in the forest (Happy Birthday,  Marina!!) and two of the children were fascinated by my knitting.  We made the stitch markers “leap” from one needle to another “telling me what to do”, naming colours,  they took turns holding and playing with the cable needle when I didn’t need to use it (the little boy even named it), and they helped me count.   So progress was made.

minty molly 1

Today I’m doing some experimenting in the kitchen.  Got some lovely turkey breast meat at the market, cut in cubes and probably meant for skewering and grilling.  I’m making a turkey stew with it.   Onion, celery, baby carrots, potatoes, corn and turkey in chicken stock.  Seasoned only with marjoram.

turkey stew

I’m using baby corn, because kidlet loves it.  I don’t know why, it always seems terribly bland to me, not nearly as flavourful as fresh corn or even canned sweet corn.  The only time I like it is in a strongly seasoned dish.   (If anyone has any ideas on how to make it edible as a side dish, I’d be glad to hear ’em.)

Let’s hope the evening brings a cool breeze.  Or something.


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