Back on track

Yesterday’s rest helped.  Just needed to turn off.  Was functioning again today, got a few things on my list done.  Not everything.  But enough that I felt good.  Could still do with some more recharging, but we’re back in business.

My Rainbow Hands and Ducks is finished, just needs to be blocked.  I want to get that done this weekend.  Finished most of it while I was waiting for kidlet to get out of school the other day, sipping chai latte.   I only had about a foot of yarn left when I finished binding off, which worked out well.  I used the sewn bind-off, which I don’t usually do – but I really like the control it gives over the tension and it’s a great match for the long tail cast-on.


Kidlet has been bugging me about a new hat.  I’ve been showing her patterns, and finally she chose what she wanted.  She had a hard time deciding on going with a plainish ribbed hat or a cabled one, tight fitting or slouchy.  The only thing she absolutely knew was that it has to have a pompom.  Yarn shopping wasn’t so successful, she didn’t see the exact colour she wanted anywhere.  But when I popped into a local crafts shop to get something else, I took a look at their yarns  (all acrylic or cotton, this isn’t where I usually yarn shop…) and saw a colour that was just what she had been going on about.  Bought it, and when she saw it she pronounced it perfect.

inbalit granada

So today, in between dealing with various bureaucratic issues,  I cast on for the Minty Molly hat for her.  It should knit up quickly.

minty molly brim

Waiting impatiently for the new shipment from the Smart Ass Knitters World Domination Club – of course I’ve checked out the spoilers thread and can’t wait to start the new pattern!!

I suppose I shouldn’t really stalk the mail carrier, right?  It would be rude?

Yeah, I thought so.  I’d better just knit and stay out of trouble.  (Ha.)


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