Accio Pottering !

Have you “pottered” yet?

Pottering is one of the newer memes floating around the net, especially on facebook, but also on other social sites as well.

pottering 2

Based on Quiddich, of course.  To perform pottering, get someone to snap your picture as you jump up in the air or off of something while straddling a broom, hoping to get a good photograph that looks like you’re playing in a Quiddich game, or just having a wizardly zoom around on your broom….

pottering 3

Good fun with friends.

pottering 5

Or solo efforts

pottering 6

Some have obviously been photoshopped to add to the effect,  some are questionable.

pottering 4

(I love that one…)

Some get cropped for better effect.

cropped pottering

(And here’s the whole shot…)

longshot pottering

(Which also looks like fun…)

I haven’t yet joined in the pottering craze, but I’m considering it.  Maybe figure out a way to have my knitting with me on the broom?   Hm.

Have fun with another collection of pottering peeps:


Want to try?


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