More knitting in ads???

Browsing through the Ikea website, I found this room in the youth section.

ikea ad

I love that the young man is knitting, and look at all the yarn bombing in the room!

Knitting seems to be showing up in an increasing number of ads and commercials.

There’s this commercial for Kilbeggan whiskey:

And this one

What is it with the drinking and knitting???  Smirnoff had to get in on the act as well:

Now Yoplait doesn’t seem to be a fan of knitting so much…

Heating and Plumbing join the bandwagon

Of course, not all the folks in these ads are actually knitting, some are just making motions with their arms/hands…but some are.

Sudafed has a knitted commercial, as opposed to a knitting commercial

(OK, the inside of the head made me laugh….green yarn mucus???  Ew!)

With all of this, I still encounter people who see me knitting and say things like “Oh, I didn’t think people still knitted!”  And today the security guard at the mall saw my knitting in my  bag and asked me if I was kidlet’s grandmother.  Because only grandmothers knit, right?  Kidlet’s mouth dropped open, and she told him “This is my mother!!”  And as we walked away she looked at me and said “Ouch!”  (I just laughed – thought it was pretty funny, actually.)

Keep the ads coming, companies, we’ll get through to everyone that we’re everywhere.

Breaking News.  Knitters take over the world.


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One Response to “More knitting in ads???”

  1. Esther Says:

    We should have Smirnoff and cola at the next meet-up or maybe I could find some of that whiskey?

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