April showers? Ur doin it wrong…

After a few months of nice weather – indeed, weeks of  T-shirt weather – winter has returned.   In April.

Now, I know how much we need rain here.  Water shortage, lakes at danger levels, etc.  But come on, we’ve had days of rain and thunder and wind and just plain nastiness.   Streets are totally flooded out.

We’ve been pretty much housebound because of the rain, but today we really started to get stir crazy.  So kidlet called a friend, we went and picked him up, and I drove them through the flooded streets to the mall so they could see a movie.   They chose a comedy, grabbed some popcorn, and in they went.  There wasn’t anything I wanted to see that was showing at the same time, so I spent a very pleasant time at one of the cafés dividing my time between knitting the hands and ducks scarf and reading.

I’m reading the second cozy in the Flock and Fiber mysteries by Veryl Ann Grace – Murder Comes Unraveled.    I liked the first one – Murder Spins a Tale – a lot.    The protagonist is Martha Williamson, who owns and runs a yarn shop (The Spider’s Web), teaches knitting, crocheting, and spinning, and raises her own sheep and alpacas (and has Great Pyrenees dogs that are trained as Livestock Guardian Dogs).    Oh, and of course, there’s a murder.  At a fiber gathering/festival.   Which so far is being pinned on a poor llama, but Martha will change that, I’m sure.  I’m enjoying the many fiber references, there are lots of tips and information about spinning and types of yarn.

murder comes unraveled

So I had a lovely time out with my knitting and reading (about knitting….hm).  Also great to do both  while curled up at home with the storms outside, but I really needed the change of scenery.

Everybody happy.


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One Response to “April showers? Ur doin it wrong…”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    I enjoyed the cool weather and the rain.
    It’s very welcome, especially since I know what’s coming 🙂

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