Rainbow Hands and Ducks

When I first joined Ravelry in 2008, one of the initial things I did was start browsing the amazing database of patterns, adding projects to my queue, things I really wanted to knit at some point.

One of the very first patterns I queued back then in 2008 was Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks designed by Morgen Dämmerung from her blog knitcetera, whatever  (so this yarn walks into a bar…).   It’s a simple star stitch pattern that looks fantastic in a variegated yarn.

When I received some wonderful rainbow Lorna’s Laces Shepherd worsted in 2009 from Angie in the Vintage Bitches yarn of dreams swap, I knew I had the yarn for this scarf.

LL rainbow

And the yarn and pattern have been languishing in the queue ever since.  There are just too many things to knit and not enough time to knit them!!!

Some of the patterns in my queue from 4-5 years ago I am no longer as interested in, moving on to other things.  But this pattern has held my attention, just not enough to get onto the needles.

Well, no more.  Despite other WIPs in the bag, I wanted an easy pattern without a chart or row  counting for break knitting.  And so today out came the yarn, the pattern and the needles, and I cast on.  I want a long scarf, so it’s going to be a narrow one.  And it’s quick.

I love how the pattern looks with this yarn!!!


I will block it only slightly, to open up the stars just a wee bit and give the scarf an airy drape.

The name of the pattern comes from a song by the Brunettes, an indie pop/twee pop group from New Zealand.  Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks was the title song from their 2002 album.

Holding hands, feeding ducks
When I met you, that’s what I wanted to do

My rainbow ducks.  I like it.


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