Happy 65th Birthday

Independence Day once again.

Kidlet had friends over, and now they are off wandering from concert to concert,  greeting crowds of  kids they know, having a wild time.

Partner and I planned to catch the fireworks.  They were scheduled to be set off simultaneously from several spots in the city, so that everyone could see.  For the past few years, we watched from the beach, close to one of the spots.  This year we decided to watch from the mountaintop overlooking the bay, so that we  could see more than one display at the same time.

Many others had the same idea, and we had to search for a place along the railing.

fireworks 1

Unfortunately, the display closest to us, under us (on the left) had some kind of malfunction, and after a few spits of fireworks close to the ground they fizzled out.  We could still see the big display over on the next mountain (on the right) if we leaned over and craned our necks.  Plus we could see the flashes of other displays from other towns around the bay and in the hills of the Galilee.

Still, it was kind of disappointing.  So….checked in with kidlet and went on home.

An hour later, and suddenly we heard booms and saw flashes of light.  I ran out on the balcony, and beheld an unscheduled (or at least unpublicized) display of more fireworks.  Right outside the window.  Holy cow.  Opened the shutters wide, sat comfortably, and watched the show.

fireworks 3

fireworks 4

fireworks 5

(Sorry for the poor quality, there wasn’t even time to grab the good camera, so the cell phone was put into use.)

Now to go marinade the meat for the barbeque tomorrow….

Happy Independence Day!!




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