Come Together and Remember

Finished the Come Together Necklace today.  I kitchenered the i-cords closed, didn’t come out too smoothly but the join is under the bead anyway.


The third i-cord was also too short with the recommended number of beads, so I added 6 more.  Learned my lesson this time, and gave myself a way longer bit of yarn to work with.

Can’t wait to wear the necklace!

Solemn evening, tonight was the beginning of Memorial Day here.  The candle-lighting ceremony at the Western Wall had me in tears, as usual.

This was in the paper today:

thanks to them

A soldier’s “dog tag” with the flag and the number of fallen in Israel’s wars.  We can never forget the price we have paid for freedom.

And to the asshat who broke the flags off my car and tore them and threw them in the street:  shame on you.  There are new flags on my car – so just what did you accomplish?  Nothing.  Except prove you’re a pathetic boor who doesn’t understand or appreciate the freedom you have here.


memorial day 2013


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