Knitting endless rows of 3

Working on the last i-cord of my Laura Nelkin necklace.   And it’s going much more quickly than the other two.   The pattern instructions say to begin with the lace weight and move up in weight through fingering, etc.  I began with the fingering.  No special reason.  Just did.  It was probably not the wisest move.  Going back down to the lace, from thicker to thinner, not to mention going from the easy round beads to the triangular beads slowed me down.   Should have begun with the longest and most fiddly.  And most splitty.

And although I counted out the recommended  number of beads to string on the yarn in advance, the lace i-cord was still shorter than the first.  Luckily Kim sent extra beads.  So….I measured out how much more i-cord I had to do, counted the beads I’d need for that length.  18 more.  And then I calculated the amount of yarn I would need to knit those extra centimeters.     Left some spare.    Then cut it, so I  could string the beads from that end.    Except I miscalculated.  Managed to knit another 14 or 15 beads in when the yarn ran out.


It should work out, there won’t be that much of a difference.

And as I said,the last i-cord is going much more quickly.  Cast on this morning, and it’s really moving.

together 2

I don’t have many dpns, and what I have are not the right size for this project – so I’m using circs.  Short circs, but still more of a hassle.  Actually,  for the lace weight I didn’t have short circs, just a long cable…so that’s another reason it slowed me down.

(Do I sound like I’m making excuses??  I’m not, really….)

On another subject entirely, we gave Kessem her first taste of peanut butter today.  Her tongue got a real workout.  Then I put peanut butter inside the one toy she hasn’t chewed to bits yet – it has a hollow part to hide treats in and the vet suggested peanut butter.  First, she tried to get her tongue inside it.  Hard to do.  Then, when she wanted to rest, she hid it from us.    Finally, bedtime.  She took it out of hiding and kept it by her side, refusing to let her guard down.

kessem on guard

I wonder if she’s going to sleep with one eye open.

She has nothing to fear from me, I’m too busy knitting an i-cord…



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