And the wheel goes round and round. Or goes flat.

I’m taking a course in business management.  Wildly varied group, in age, experience, background, goals.  One of the exercises we did was the Life Wheel, a common coaching tool.   There are many versions, with some concepts common to all and some with variations.  Some versions of the wheel ask you to name your own wedges, what’s important to you.  This is the one we used (in Hebrew, of course):


Focusing on your life/situation in the here and now, you rate each wedge on your satisfaction with that area on a scale from 0 (unbearable) to 10 (just about perfect).

None of the wedges are truly independent, obviously some of the areas will affect some of the others.  But it is a useful division.

You can either fill out the wedge according to the score you gave it, or mark the score along the line and then connect the dots.  Either way, you get an overview of how you’re doing (or think you’re doing) overall.  Which we sometimes ignore or don’t see because we’re totally focused in only a few areas.  This gives you the big picture.

The ideal is, of course, that your wheel be as balanced as possible.   The point of the tool is to point out what areas need to be addressed or redefined to create the best creative and productive  – in other words balanced – environment for success.

As the folks in the course gave their own ratings in different areas, it led to some pretty interesting discussions about how we define ourselves, our priorities, and our lives.   And since the ages in the group range from 19 to 60, there were some vast differences in perspective.   One of the questions the lecturer often asked is  “What would bring that score to a 10?”

There were very few scores of 10.  Lots of scores from 7-9, though.  None 0-1, but there were some 2’s and 3’s.

My scores ranged from 2 to 9, depending on the wedge.  Which leaves me very unbalanced!!  One of the hardest scores to rate for me was fun and recreation, since some things I truly love – like reading and knitting – I would rate a 10, and others I love just as much – like hiking, touring and exercising – would get a 0 in my current situation.  So I balanced it out to a 5.  Health….don’t even ask.   😀

It seems my life wheel has a flat.  Time to start patching.   Interesting way to arrange priorities.


So….is your life wheel balanced?  What would bring your scores to 9-10 all around?


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One Response to “And the wheel goes round and round. Or goes flat.”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    I am sure my life needs some balancing too.

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