Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Spring is being its usual muddled self around here.  Mucky hazy weather, then a heat wave, last night it poured rain and today has been chilly and overcast.  But Spring it is, nevertheless.  I caught this intrepid bud poking its way high into the air yesterday.

tall bud

Soon it will bloom, as so many flowers are doing, to the sound of the sneezes of hay fever sufferers.  Partner never does well during April.  It used to be that we couldn’t go out into nature for the month because of her hay fever…now it’s that plus my hip.  And I seem to be sneezing lately, too – either I have the seasonal-change sniffles or I am developing a late-blooming allergy. (Pun intended.  So sorry.)


Oh, I checked out the word “freshet”.  You knew I couldn’t let that slide, right?  Seems it means a small flood as a result of heavy rains or spring thaw.  More often spring thaw.  Which makes it appropriate for this time of year.  (Round these parts, that means the run-off of our often lone snow covered Mount Hermon into the Jordan River.)  And the word has actually been used, too, at least in this New Hampshire county in the 19th century:


 So.  Flowers are blooming, and my vocabulary has been enriched.  I wonder if “freshet” is acceptable in Words with Friends, our current scrabble substitute. 


Who’s up for a game?


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