Skewed in motion

The Socks That Rock yarn I got from BMFA in December has been knit into a pair of socks – I had been wanting to knit the Skew sock pattern by Lana Holden for ages, and this was the perfect yarn.  Brilliant pattern, one that you wonder where on earth you’re going but just keep on knitting until somehow it all becomes clear.  From the pattern notes:

“The designer has two math degrees and is a contributing author of the book Making Mathematics with Needlework, but dropped out of grad school twice because she prefers to do research with yarn.   She is a technique junkie, a process knitter, and occasionally a machine for turning coffee into socks.”

My completed pair of Skewed:


Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the heels, which have a swirly pattern thingy going on…I simply don’t bend that way.

I love love love this pattern, although they’re a little tight in the gusset for my high arches, so they’re a wee bit of a struggle to put on.  And since the pattern is pretty unique, I didn’t try any modifications.  But once on, everything is fine.

Wore them earlier tonight, and couldn’t bear to hide them from view, so I stuffed my trousers into them…

skewed on3

Yeah, so it makes a little bulge… so?  It looked better once I got the shoes on…

skewed on1

When we went out for a bite to eat, both partner and kidlet thought I was  certifiably nuts, but I figure I worked hard on them, I  can wear them any way I damn well please.

I’m working on a lace and cable scarf with the other yarn I ordered from BMFA – the Marine Silk.  Trying to draw it out since the yarn is just so luscious to work with.

Sea dreams 1

This is just the beginning, I’m much further along but haven’t taken any new pictures.  This will be fabulous after it’s blocked.

The other project currently on the needles is the Come Together necklace by Laura Nelkin ( I love her designs) with silk yarn and beads from Indigodragonfly – the December package of the Smart-Ass Knitters club.


There are three beaded I-cord strands in all – of course I didn’t bother to watch her video of how to knit the beads in at first, so mine were pretty haphazard.  It got a lot easier when I actually got around to watching the instructions.  (sigh)

A few other projects have been finished along the way…including a quickie headband for kidlet.  Long story short, she decided to trim her own bangs.  Big mistake.  It was, to put it lightly, not a success. Took her to the hairdresser’s to see if they could rescue the situation. They did something meant to be cool and stylish, but kid thought it was still awful. She urgently asked for a headband…and this was the design she liked – Julia’s Cabled Headband by Paulina Chin.  I call it the “Don’t Play with Scissors”  headband.

don't play with scissors 2

Did a provisional cast-on and then a 3-needle bind-off to make a neat seam – would have tried grafting the ribbing but kidlet needed it asap and I didn’t have the time to research the grafting technique for ribbing. Oh well.

At least the bangs have grown out now…

I suppose it could have been a lot worse.


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4 Responses to “Skewed in motion”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    What a cool idea with the necklace! For the future, grafting ribbing’s actually not too bad!

  2. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Love the socks! Love the headband too!
    Can’t wait to see that scarf finished 🙂
    I will add that technique to my doc too.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Good addition to “The Document”. I may steal from there for my techniques page. 😉

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