My first post of 2013, and it’s April 1st.   I hang my head in shame.   I have let life overwhelm me.  (Well, that and the fact that my computer died…)  ‘Tis time to take control back.   I will have to balance moving forward with backblogging, there is so much to catch up on.  Knitting.  Reading.  Life.

NaBloPoMo’s theme for April blogging is “Fresh”.  Fresh air and fresh starts.  From the site:

Green fields, yellow daffodils, and red strawberries: spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it brings with it a burst of colour. It’s also a time of fresh starts, hence our theme for this month: FRESH.

Fresh air…   A bit ironic, given that the air pollution and haze is at an all time high here at the moment, and alerts are out for folks with asthma and other respiratory ailments to stay inside.  Visibility is minimal.  Looking across the street from out of my window:


Yuck.  That’s dust and sand there, not fog.  Accompanied by a strong wind.  To quote a favourite detective, pfui.

That aside,  a look to the definitions of fresh.  The American Heritage Dictionary gives us


1.  New to one’s experience; not encountered before.
2.  Novel; different: a fresh slant on the problem.
3.  Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled: fresh bread.
4.  Not preserved, as by canning, smoking, or freezing: fresh vegetables.
5.  Not saline or salty: fresh water.
6.  Not yet used or soiled; clean: a fresh sheet of paper.
7.  Free from impurity or pollution; pure: fresh air.
8.  Additional; new: fresh evidence.
9.  Bright and clear; not dull or faded: a fresh memory.
10.  Having the glowing, unspoiled appearance of youth: a fresh complexion.
11.  Untried; inexperienced: fresh recruits.
12.  Having just arrived; straight: fashions fresh from Paris.
13.  Revived or reinvigorated; refreshed: I was fresh as a daisy after the nap.
14.  Fairly strong; brisk: a fresh wind.
15.  Informal Bold and saucy; impudent.
16.  Having recently calved and therefore with milk. Used of a cow.
17.  Slang Excellent; first-rate.

Recently; newly: fresh out of milk; muffins baked fresh daily.


1.  The early part: the fresh of the day.
2.  A freshet.

OK.  Positive for the most part.  I think we can possibly ignore #16.   My favourite is definitely #15.  And I can honestly say that I have never heard or read the word “freshet” in my life.  I can’t even imagine how to use it in a sentence.

So.  A fresh start.  Fresh material.  I’m fresh out of excuses not to come back to what I so love doing…  BLOGGING.

Oh!  And did you know that today, besides being April Fools’ Day in many countries  (Happy April Fools’ Day! Did you get fooled??),  is the start of National Sleep Awareness Month? This month highlights the importance of getting enough sleep and the consequences of sleep loss.

Take a nap every day this month!

Now there’s an idea…


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One Response to “Freshness”

  1. Esther Says:

    I missed you and am very glad you are back.

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