November Red. It’s Mao!

Finished up the Aim True socks, wore them today and they feel great.

I had a lot of yarn left over, I should have knitted longer cuffs!  I keep forgetting I have small feet, so I don’t usually need to worry about not having enough yarn for two socks when knitting cuff down.   Hm.

Now I can focus on this year’s red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.  It should be mailed off in about two weeks to arrive in time.  (Why do I always wait until the last minute?  Never fails.)

Former years:

This year I found a pattern and queued it early.  Mao’s Little Red Scarf, designed by Shana Kreikemeier.  It’s presented as a man’s scarf, yet in all the project pictures I’ve seen it’s being worn by women, so I guess I can reasonably put it in the unisex category!  I dug through my stash, and found the same yarn I’ve used before, Mondial Merino Plus.

It’s a really simple and easy to memorize pattern, and has a great look and texture.  I started out following the pattern, cast on 35 stitches and knitted away, then after I had enough rows measured the width.  The Project accepts scarves between 5-8 inches in width.  And this one was… 9 inches wide.

Oops.  I really should swatch.  So off the needles it came, to the sound of kidlet wailing “Noooooo!”, and I cast on again minus one pattern repeat.  This time it’s 7 inches.

Looks interesting, and the yarn is thick and soft.  It should be a quick knit, and then I can turn to some knitted gifts for the holidays next month.  The cat-beast has been insisting on curling up in my lap whenever I sit down to knit lately, I will as usual have to wash the scarf thoroughly before sending it, in case it’s given to someone with allergies.  Kitteh would undoubtedly make a slight change in the name of the scarf:

(Cats for world domination?)

On a totally different note.  Yes, my country is at war.  So far, here in the north we are safe, but many of my friends are under fire in their own homes, or have dear ones being called up to serve.  We are glued to the news, and spend hours debating and discussing all the aspects of developments, in gatherings and through a myriad of social media.  While I may well bring up many points here in future posts, for today I needed my blog to be a short escape.

Say a prayer for peace.


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