Nature or Nurture?

A friend just posted on facebook the question “Is being a smart-ass a matter of nature or nurture?”

To which I promptly replied:  “Yes.”

I come from a long line of smart-asses.  (If I ever write a novel, that will be the opening line.)  Or, as my father so eloquently put it,  educated donkeys.

Which naturally brings me to yarn and knitting.  (You’re following me, right?)

My gorgeous October package of the  Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination Club has arrived.  In all its glory.

The two smaller skeins are DK merino superwash, in the colourways Monster Mash and Violet Ending, for the knitting of the Nerwin & Batmeanie pattern by Heather Sebastian.  Hence the purple eyes by Clara as the swag.  Who is Nerwin/Batmeanie, you ask?  From the pattern:

Look for him/them soon in my projects.  And check out Heather’s blog, Joey’s House!!

The mystery skein on top is the most luscious Twisty Tweed Sock (superwash merino) in the colourway  Grrr….Argh (Mutant Enemy).   This is a new base for Indigodragonfly, and I can’t wait to knit with it!

So it was a purple-y perfect package.

The August package has at long last been settled into my library/stash as well.

The club yarn, on the right,  is MCN lace, in the colourway When Life Gives You Lemmings, Duck! with the accompanying shawl pattern Jagged Edge, by Meghan Jackson.  (Lots more patterns on her site!)

You can either follow the pattern for a symmetric edge, or roll a die (thoughtfully provided) to create a unique border that follows no rules.   She understands the souls of smart-asses…

The mystery skein is MCN worsted in the colourway No Gilligan Is An Island, absolutely beautiful!  I don’t often knit with worsted weight, except in cotton, so pattern-choosing for this will be fun.

The necklace is a knitting bauble by Erin Lynch of Bella’s Bazaar (Jewellery to entice the eye and fuel the spirit).  Yes, that’s a snippet of a knitting pattern to be worn.


The Pearl Tower cowl is completed and subsequently rescued from kidlet who tried to abscond with it due to the colder weather now visiting us.  The heavier yarn made for a slightly denser fabric than the original pattern,  but I love the way  it came out.

It’s soft and warm, with a lovely drape.  I’m very glad I bought this yarn. And there’s quite a bit left…  Mitts, perhaps?  (Gah, I no longer like using that word…piffle.)

Now back to knitting the socks (nurture), it’s sock weather again (nature).


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One Response to “Nature or Nurture?”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    What a fun looking kit! I do love the cowl, too.

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