Winter Toilet Paper?? Doesn’t flush any differently…

Advertisers are so expert at creating a product – or product version – that we never would have thought we needed.  Coming up with twists on things that we use on a regular basis.  Many times all it takes is a change in the packaging. And it usually involves a price increase.

My latest experience with this happened the other day, during my weekly visit to the supermarket.  Big display, and a special sale:  on Winter Edition toilet paper.   Now why in the blue blazes would we want different toilet paper for different seasons??   I haven’t noticed any changes in our needs for this product according to the weather or time of year.

That said, I adore the “winter” package.   This brand always uses puppies in its advertising and packaging, but for winter they have added:


In purple.

(And a scarf for the puppy.)

They even have different patterns on all the different sides of the package.

Now this is the brand I always buy.  It’s good quality.  And the “new edition” was on sale for the release.  And toilet paper was on the shopping list.  So of course I bought it.  And once at home made a new discovery.  The paper itself is always imprinted with puppies.  But for this edition they are purple.

Not that the paper itself is any different that we can tell, except for the purple pooches.   Kidlet does say it smells better, but I almost always buy unscented, and this has a very faint, pleasant perfume, so that’s something she would notice.  There are plenty of scented versions all year round, but not in our house, unless they have a special sale on vanilla scent.

So, winter edition or no,  kudos to the advertising team who came up with a package that is tailor made for me!!  (And if the regular price of the “special edition” goes up after the sale I will not forgive you – I’ll buy something else, despite the fiber arts and purple puppies.  Got it?)


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One Response to “Winter Toilet Paper?? Doesn’t flush any differently…”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    That’s too funny! Advertisers will do anything to sell a product…

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