Hiatus and Issues

I’ve disappeared for a while.  Longer than I ever have before.  I miss blogging terribly.  But other issues have demanded all my time, attention and energy and while I constantly blog in my head I haven’t been able to do much beyond that to magically make the words in my head appear on the page/screen.

Physical health issues.  Mental health issues.  Employment issues.  Parenting issues.  Disability issues.  Sleep issues.  And the bureaucracy covering most of these issues is threatening to overwhelm me in a sea of forms, letters, records, signatures and red tape.

Can one drown in paper?

Got a book today (haven’t been reading much, I’m way behind on my book challenge):  Sue Townsend’s The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year.  Is it wise to admit out loud that this idea sounds so appealing right about now?  Can’t wait to read it, despite the tower of books in the TBR pile, but I’m making myself finish Rachel Thompson’s A Walk in the Snark first.

Want to know how bad it is?  The October package of the Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination Club is on its way to me as I type…and the August package is still sitting on my desk, opened but still in its mailing envelope.  The package is seriously awesome, patiently waiting its turn on my seemingly endless Things To Do list.  But I will blog about that later.

Summer is over and fall has arrived.  As evidenced by the hatzav, or sea squill, that grows wild around the Mediterranean.  In Israeli culture, it is a major symbol of autumn.  The plant has a huge bulb, just under the surface, and usually around July sends up a dramatic, 3-5 foot stalk out of the bare ground, when most other flowers are dormant.  The plant’s white flowers start to bloom around the bottom of the stalk, and as time passes the flowers bloom higher and higher, and the lower ones wither.  When the top flowers have bloomed, sometime in October, fall has arrived and usually the first rains with it.  The flowers don’t bloom if the stalk is cut from the bulb, and the plant is protected by law in Israel.  Here are some near kidlet’s school a couple of weeks ago:

Some are still blooming in the middle, but most are already blooming towards the top.  Here’s the same bunch a week later:

Most of the flowers are gone, although some are still striving to reach the tops of the stalks.  And the rainy season has indeed arrived, although there are  plenty of hot days in between the showers.  Now the dark green leaves will appear at the bottom of the stalk and enjoy the rain.  And then the hatzav will again disappear until mid summer next year.

It’s nice when things are constant, isn’t it?

So many things to share, to catch up on.  Projects knitted.  Places visited.  People encountered.  I will try – when I’m not overwhelmed – to back blog as well as keep up.

It feels good to be back.


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