Games ON

The Olympic Games have begun in London, and the Ravellenic Games have begun worldwide.

Part of the northern contingent of Team Falafel met at my place for a cast-on party last night.  (Partner and kidlet went to a family birthday dinner, but got back in time for kidlet to play party photographer for a while…)  The opening ceremony wasn’t until 11pm local time, so we started partying much earlier.  Blue-and-white decorated table laden with lots of goodies – including traditional English food like cucumber sandwiches and roly poly with custard (thanks, Esther!!) – quiche and salads, decadent cheeses, fruit and munchies.

Watched over by my sheep mascot Tzimrit

(who didn’t manage to prevent the cat-beast from stealing some cheese – bad kitteh!)

Wore a new shirt that kidlet had made for me…well, decorated at least.  Very cool.

When the countdown to the opening started, we popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly and toasted the games and the cast-on…

Then we all got to knitting furiously as the ceremony unfolded on the screen.  I think we provided a much more entertaining commentary than those folks who were getting paid to do it.  Too bad we didn’t record it.  Rowan Atkinson was a favourite.

Dessert (besides the roly-poly) was a simple cake.  I had seen some pictures on the web of fantastic knitting decorations made from marzipan, so I checked out the VeganYumYum blog and watched the tutorial Lauren Ulm gave on the Martha Stewart show.   Then I got to playing with marzipan.  I think it turned out well!

The easiest was making the balls of yarn, but even that was a bit tricky at first and some got frogged. Luckily marzipan is forgiving…  I loved making the scarf and sweater, although it was somewhat finicky work.

 The cat-beast eventually stopped freaking out and grabbed herself a chair to supervise.

And the knitting?

I cast on first for my Team Falafel project, the Ravellenic Wings shawl.  Long cast on, but the rows are getting shorter…

As the hour got later, some of my fellow knitters headed on home.

Before the last notes of Hey Jude faded, I had also managed to cast on for my SAWDKofD project, the Out of My Ravellenic Head shawlette.  It’s a long garter tab cast-on, and I wanted to see if the sideways edge cast on would work.  It does!

The instructions say to CO 3 stitches and knit garter stitch for 47 rows.  Then knit 3, pick up 1 stitch in each ridge and make a YO between each ridge, then pick up 3 st from the CO edge.  Instead, I knitted the first row  – 3 stitches – then on the next row knitted Kf&b, K2.  Each right side I knitted K3, then turned the work, and on the wrong side again knitted Kf&b, K2.

Reaching 50 stitches (the 3 stitches for the tab and 47 stitches for the ridges), I just knitted the tab, then [YO, sl1] to the end, YO and pick-up and knit the 3 cast-on stitches.   Worked beautifully!!

At that point I bade farewell to Roberta, who had managed to hold up until the very end of the ceremony, and I fell into bed, as it was after 3am by that time.  I slept well, contented.   (For a change.)

Good company, good food, good knitting, good times.  Thanks to Roberta, Ayelet, Esther, Eyal and Reut!

The challenge is on!  Will I manage to finish both projects by the end of the Games?


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2 Responses to “Games ON”

  1. purlverde Says:

    Sorry I’m late to comment, but this looked like so much fun! I’ve thought about your post several times since you’ve published it-wishing I could have been at a party like this! Excellent job with the marzipan by the way. Knitters can and will “knit” with ANYTHING, it’s in our blood! Okay, I’m going back into lurk mode 🙂
    Happy Knitting!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oh no, not lurk mode, I love your comments! 😀

      I know I’m very lucky to have such “knit sibs” who enjoy knitting together and jump at the chance for a party…

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