Champing at the Ravellenic Bit

First, I’m overwhelmed at the lovely response to my giveaway so far.  Great comments!  I wish I could reply to each one – and I wish each one could win!  Many thanks!

Most folks on Ravelry already know all about the stink with the US Olympic Committee banning us from calling our knitting event the Ravelympics.  Which was silly, but OK, they have the legal right to the Olympic name – and evidently, also just the “ympic” part of it.  What wasn’t OK was for a clerk in the USOC office to get snotty and insulting about the value of knitting in his “cease and desist” letter, claiming we were denigrating the athletes and the Games.

What the clerk didn’t anticipate was the immediate reaction of over 2 million angry fiber fans.  The wave of response crashed the USOC email, flooded their facebook page and was reported world wide.  And the unheard of was heard.  The Committee apologised.  With such a wishy washy non-apology that Ravelry fans were even more furious.  And within 24 hours another apology was issued, both for the first apology and for the initial drivel that started the hooha.   (I wouldn’t want to be that clerk…but it serves him right.)

Knitters and crocheters are truly awesome.

So…since we could no longer call our knitting-and-crocheting-and-spinning-and-weaving-competition-while-watching-the-Olympic-Games the “Ravelympics”, voting ensued to find a new name for the event.  And Ravelers settled on the Ravellenic Games.


The Panhellenic Games is the collective term for four separate sports festivals held in ancient Greece, over a four year cycle.  The Olympic Games were only one of those festivals, and the only one still celebrated.  (And that’s why the Olympics are held every four years…)  The other festivals – the Pythian Games, the Nemean Games and the Isthmian Games – were held the other years in the cycle.      While all the festivals had sports competitions, the other festivals also held competitions in art, dance, music, and theatre.

So it’s actually much more satisfying that Ravelry models its challenge on something bigger than the Olympics, in which the Olympics are only one part, and the arts are also recognised!

(Yes, it’s just semantics, so what?)

Anyway, teams have formed,  projects are being planned, events discussed.  Less than two weeks to go to the Opening Ceremonies and the official Cast-On!

I’m captaining Team Falafel this year, which is fun.  My planned project for the team is Ravellenic Wings, a Wingspan shawl designed by Tri’Coterie Designs, with Aade Lông fingering weight yarn.

It will be entered into the Shawl Sailing and Single Skein Sprint events.

I also signed onto Team Smart-Ass World-Dominating Knitters of Doom.  Of course.  (And I want the T-shirt.)  I wanted to make a small project, since I’m taking on the shawl above.  But I couldn’t find a small project worthy of the yarn, so – taking a deep breath – I have planned to knit another shawl.  Appropriately enough, I  chose Mona Mono‘s  Out of My Head Shawlette (which is a quite beautiful thing),for my Out of My Ravellenic Head project, with my lovely Goodbye Kitty organic merino.

This will be entered in the the Shawl Sailing and Single Skein Sprint events as well, and also into the Lace Longjump.

So I have certainly challenged myself, in the true spirit of the Games.

Project bags are prepared

with yarn wound into balls, needles chosen, patterns printed out, other bits-n-bobs at hand.

Ready for cast on!!

(I’d better hide the project bags now, so I’m not tempted to start before the Games do.)

What’s your challenge?


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6 Responses to “Champing at the Ravellenic Bit”

  1. rachel steinberg Says:

    plum blossom mittens here – in the colourwork, mittens and stash events…

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oh, those mittens are lovely! I love the colourwork on them. I’d knit more mitts, but the weather here doesn’t really justify it so much. (Not that it’s stopped me…)

  2. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Oh.. Challenge.
    Well, my challenge started early with washing and making yarn cakes from my CM lace. It’s a lot of work!!!!
    During the games, the real challenge will be to knit a cardi with this lace.
    And I have a baby kimono I want to make too.

    I loved the replies you got to your blogoversary too!.
    One thing though – you didn’t say what Your favorite colors are.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      A cardi with lace weight in two weeks?? Yegads. I would bow before you but my head would hit the keyboard.

      My favourite?? Ha. All of ’em. Well, almost – there are some pink yarns there…

  3. Esther Says:

    My Captain, I am also shawl sailing with the Swallowtail shawl. My first shawl and, I think, my first lace.


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