As promised, I’m having a little celebration to mark my third year of eclecticitee!

It has been a great ride so far, it gives me great satisfaction blabbing on a myriad of topics.  There are months of few posts, and months of many posts – I’ve attempted the NaBloPoMo challenge five times, and succeeded or at least came close.   I’ve made new friends, kept in touch with old friends.

What are some more benefits of my blogging?  Other than satisfying my ego, of course.   Let’s see.

  • It refines my writing skills.  I enjoy writing.  I love searching for that perfect word, phrase, paragraph.  I delight in experimenting with styles, voices, attitudes – sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes informative, sometimes just quirky.
  • It makes me a better researcher.  To write better, more interesting blog posts, I have to research my topics, and I’m constantly learning.  Just searching for illustrations – if I’m not using my own photography – can be fascinating.
  • It has connected me with so many other bloggers!  The more I write, the more I enjoy reading other blogs, providing me inspiration, interaction, and introspection.
  • It gives me the opportunity to indulge my passions.  I share what’s important to me, and it’s hard to say whether it is more for me or for my readers.   I write about things I enjoy, things that touch me, things that enrage me, things that amuse me, things that strike my  fancy…   And it’s so gratifying when others relate to my ideas and thoughts!
  • It requires persistence, patience and discipline.  A commitment and challenge to myself.  A kick in the backside to be productive!
  • It is a record of me.  Significant events (and not so significant), thoughts, feelings, experiences, pictures – snapshots of my life and surroundings as time goes by.  In many ways it is a journey of self-discovery.

Oh yeah….and it’s fun.

So…how are we  celebrating?  How about… a yarn giveaway?   I know, I know, so original….but isn’t it what we love?

The prize is certainly something I wax eloquent about in so many of my blog posts:  a skein of luscious Indigodragonfly sock yarn to the lucky winner!!

Check out the colours available for  merino sock yarn or merino nylon sock yarn on the Indigodragonfly website and post a comment here with the colour you would like to win.   You’re entered!

Want more opportunities to win?  You can – in addition to the above requirement –

  1. Like this blog post – easy extra entry!
  2. Follow me on twitter (and comment that you have) – one entry
  3. Tweet about the giveaway using the button below (and comment) – one entry
  4. Share the giveaway on facebook using the button below (and comment) – one entry
  5. Share the giveaway on your own blog and comment with a link to the blog post – one entry

A winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, 22 July.

Tell your friends!  Let the fun begin!!!


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116 Responses to “Giveaway! BLOGOVERSARY!”

  1. Revi Says:

    Most of the colors are sold out, are they options anyway, or only the ones that are currently available?

    • eclecticitee Says:

      About 40 new skeins are being put up today, so there should be just about everything available!

  2. Cat Says:

    Happy Blogversary! It’s been fun reading! I’m hankering for a hank of the Lawrance Welk Punk Years.

  3. Debbie H Says:

    Self-Elmolation is my choice. thanks!!!

  4. Debbie H Says:

    I’m following you on Twitter and posted about your giveaway.

  5. Debbie H Says:

    I posted on Facebook.

  6. Debbie H Says:

    I liked your post and signed up to follow. thanks!

  7. Rose Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Blogoversary. I could take a bite of And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    The yarn names are the most awesome I’ve ever seen.

  8. Quinn Says:

    Happy anniversary!

    Gorgeous colors!!! Thanks for the giveaway opp.

    I would love to knit a pair of “Is the Monkey Okay?” merino socks!

    quinn on rav

  9. M Says:

    I really love as god as my witness, i thought turkeys could fly:)

  10. M Says:

    I tweeted!

  11. M Says:

    I am following you on twitter:)

  12. Anne Marie Says:

    Crazy colorways! I’d actually choose Sonic F@#%ing Death Monkey! to knit some socks for my hubby. Congrats on the Blogiversary! Rav amchart

  13. Anne Marie Says:

    Liked your post.

  14. Anne Marie Says:

    Following you on Twitter.

  15. Anne Marie Says:


  16. Anne Marie Says:

    Shared on FB.

  17. MJ Says:

    Would love to win a skein of My Name Is Indigo Montoya

  18. Karrie Says:

    I would love sesame street walker!! Happy anniversary!

  19. Zabbers Says:

    I can’t decide whether I like Au Jus or Death by Helium more. They’re both amazing. So much depth of color, and that dark/burnt overlay that I just love. Happy blogoversary!

  20. Terry Says:

    “As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly” was one of the top two laughing-myself-into-paralysis moments of my TV viewing history. I would LOVE to be reminded of that fun every time I wore socks I made of this great yarn!

  21. Chelsea W Says:

    They are all so beautiful, I would love almost any of them! I particularly like Married to the Mob, but its sold out. Happy Blogiversary!

  22. Karin Says:

    Congrats and what a wicked nice giveaway!

    Hard to choose a favorite colorway but I’ll say, Sonic F@#%ing Death Monkey! Harder to choose a favorite name of color but Don’t You Just Love This Party? Everything’s So Fancy, and There’s Some Kind of Hot Cheese Over There! is killing me.

  23. K Says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I love all of the names, but my favorite colorway is probably Polite Loner.

  24. Chiara Says:

    Happy blogoversary! I would love to win one skein of “Self-Elmolation”.

  25. Lori Says:

    Wow! Love so many of the merino sock colors. How to decide?? GROVER?

  26. woolytanis Says:

    happy blogiversary
    i loved the names but for me the cracker was Goth To A Flame

  27. Sheila Says:

    Congrats on the blogoversary!

    I love the Merino Sock in the Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom colorway – the colors are lovely and the name is even better!

  28. acraftyknitter Says:

    I love the Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom colorway. Gorgeous colorway, and great name!

  29. acraftyknitter Says:

    I liked your post!

  30. acraftyknitter Says:

    I tweeted!

  31. acraftyknitter Says:

    I am following you on twitter.

  32. sabyrinth Says:

    Loving the colorway names! My favorite is Slutty Thursday Afternoon Things in Merino Sock.

  33. Susan Ipavec Says:

    My favorite colorway is Unemployed in Greenland, and I love all the colorway names. Thanks so much for this giveaway and happy blogiversary!!

  34. Susan Ipavec Says:

    I am also following you on Twitter (I’m Knittingmama) and I tweeted about your giveaway!

  35. Irkalla Caudron Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I love the names, kinda sassy ^^ My favorite is Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom in Merino Sock.

    I also shared this on facebook.

  36. nicole Says:

    Chana, I can’t believe it’s been another year. I always look forward to finding updates for your new posts in my inbox. I’ve read a years worth of your life! I find your researched and informative topics very interesting. As for the yarn colors, Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? (Anya) is my favorite on the Merino Sock base. I envision it woven into a beautiful shawl on my loom with gorgeous twisted fringe. I’m always reading so please keep up the fantastic posts. I forward most of them on to my friends and they always comment that they like your writing too. Happy Blogoversary!

  37. Debra (nzdeb on ravellry) Says:

    I love the Oooo shiny

  38. likepurlsoffastring Says:

    I’d love to win a skein of “People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Cannot Speak To Any More Of Them.”. It’s showing as sold out, though, so if it’s not available, I’d love “Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” (Inara)”. Thanks for the chance to win and happy blogoversary!

  39. Jennifer Conway Says:

    Color choice = extremely difficult! I love some of the sold out ones, but of the (currently) available ones, I would go with “Tardis.” Or, as a second choice, “Did I Listen To Pop Music Because I Was Miserable? Or Was I Miserable Because I Listened To Pop Music?” Thanks for doing the fun contest and giving us all an opportunity to drool over the lovely yarn with the best names, and happy blogoversary, too 🙂

  40. Jennifer Conway Says:

    I also liked your post!

  41. Lori Houston Pewsey Says:

    Gotta say… for name alone… “Paging Doctor Smart-ass” is my fave in the Merino/Nylon… followed closely by “Is the Money Ok, did they hurt the money” in both types yarn… I’d be thrilled with either awesomeness!!

  42. Lori Houston Pewsey Says:

    Followed you on Twitter

  43. Lori Houston Pewsey Says:

    Tweeted about giveaway

  44. Lori Houston Pewsey Says:

    Shared on FB on my page… Connected Threads… and I would like to say Happy Bloggaversary… and thank you for the giveaway!!

    I’m also known on Rav as Indulgence.

  45. Kate Parks Says:

    Ohhh rock paper scissors socky yarn – purely for the gorgeous colours and amazing stitch defination you would get. Happy 3rd, I hope I keep blogging that long 🙂

  46. Shay Says:

    I basically adore all the clever names! But I think of the ones currently available I’d most like ‘And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.’ because she really should have!

  47. Fleur Says:

    Hiya! Happy anniversary with your blog. And great that you are celebrating it. Life is short, so any excuse will do to have a party, won’t it 😉

    Happy knitting! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  48. Miriam Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Love the special edition Lawrence Welk 1977-1979 colorway. Polka or waltz?

  49. Charlotte Says:

    wow … what fantastic names those colours have. After a lot of hard thinking I think I would choose “As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly.” It’s not a colour I would usually buy for myself, but I figure if I’m going to be lucky enough to win something I should try to win something out of my comfort zone.
    Thanks for this chance.

  50. Dianne Killeen Says:

    Nice to meet you Rose,run for your life, is my choice ,Happy Blogreday ,thanks for the chance,Dianne
    (Witchycat) on Rav x

  51. feelgoodknitting Says:

    It’s been a good while since I had something in a nice, deep red. I’d love a skein of “Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” (Inara)”. They all have such fun names though!

  52. 16005crofton Says:

    Ohh Shiny! what great names makes me want a drawer full of sock indulgence

  53. lindaran on Ravelry Says:

    Ah ha ha ha! What a great way to start my morning! I would love a skein of ‘Lawrence Welk 1977 – 1979: The Lost Punk Years (Special Edition)’. I remember many nights with Lawrence, and Sissy & Bobby, and a-one and a-two…

  54. Amy Lounsberry Says:

    love the Self-Elmolation – never seen such great names for yarn. I hope I win!

    amyknit40 on ravelry

  55. Nidhi Says:

    Awesome set of names! I love People are particularly stupid today. I cannot speak to any more of them…:)

  56. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    You Are Evil! That’s all I have to say.
    But I love reading your blog nonetheless!
    Oh my – indigodragonfly yarn…. yumminess !
    In the order of preference:
    1. Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” (Inara)
    2. Unemployed In Greenland!
    3. TARDIS
    4. Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? (Anya)
    5. Lambada 3: It’s Tepid!
    Of course I love others too!

    So – I liked your blog, I posted on FB and I tweeted too (with the button)!

    I am hoping you will continue with this beautiful tradition next year too. And the next. And the next. And the next. Well, I think you got the idea!

  57. Anne K Says:


  58. MomMyth Says:

    Happy Blogiversary.

    Me, I like
    Unemployed In Greenland!
    Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom
    Grrr….Arf!!!! (Mutant Wheaten)

  59. Wendy Herman Says:

    I am following you on and tweated about the giveaway. I love “is the money okay? Did they hurt the money?”. Keep up the good work.

  60. Heather Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Would love to knit with Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” Thanks for the chance!

  61. kaj15 Says:

    I love the names! My favorite was sold out but I also like Did I Listen To Pop Music Because I Was Miserable? Or Was I Miserable Because I Listened To Pop Music?

  62. Emily Lauren Says:

    Gosh, how to choose?!
    And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.
    (Unless Well Put Me On The Short Bus And Send Me Off To Clueless School. (Lorne The Host) is available….)

    Happy blogiversary!!

  63. Amy Parent Jajliardo Says:

    Ohhhhh! Self-Elmolation!!! Squeeeeeee!!! Love it! And love all your fun/funky names of colors. Awesomeness!!!

  64. tami Says:

    I’m such a sucker for teal.
    It has to be unemployed in greenland.

    Happy blogiversary!

  65. Stickfia Says:

    I love the “Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money?” both the yarn color and name ♥

  66. Emma Says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, my choice would be Tardis!

  67. Emma Says:

    And I followed you on twitter (@GirlAnachronismE)

  68. Emma Says:

    Andi tweeted about the giveaway!

  69. Knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    Hi, Chana,

    I been following you for at least a couple of years now. I check your blog everyday. There are many colorways I like but are sold out. I would choose the purple ” I made that tape special for today” from the ones available today. I love purple, too.

  70. Silvina Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!! My fav colours is Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” (Inara)..

  71. patsy coats Says:

    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly is my favorite colorway.

  72. Katrin Says:

    Thank you for achance at such pretty yarns! My favorite is “You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair!”.

  73. Beth Says:

    Wow…just wow. TARDIS is my personal fav but they are all so very vivid! Loved the names.

  74. Connie K. Says:

    Love, love, love Groverkill!

  75. rachel steinberg Says:

    happy blogoversary! I love “Did I Listen To Pop Music Because I Was Miserable? Or Was I Miserable Because I Listened To Pop Music?”

  76. ikkinlala Says:

    Congratulations on three years!

    Of the currently-in-stock yarns, I’d choose Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? in merino/nylon.

  77. Tina Shannon Says:

    Gosh, I feel like I deserve t win just from all the effort it took to pick a color. All of it Soo gorgeous! But Slutty Thursday Afternoon Things knocked my socks off (pun intended lol)

  78. Elizabeth Kelly Says:

    Congrats on three years, your level of dedication to your blog is awsome 🙂

  79. Sara Says:

    Congrats on three years…my favorite color is: Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? (Anya)

    nhsarab on ravelry
    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  80. Suzanne Shattuck Says:

    I love the rich blues of Tardis!

  81. annethologist Says:

    Not an easy choice, picking colours. I”ve always loved Indigodragonfly’s colours (and colurway names!). I think I’m going with My Boyfriend Had a Bicentennial. Thanks for the opportunity, and Happy Blogoversary!

  82. annethologist Says:

    Shared on FB, tweeted and following you on Twitter 🙂

  83. DeTraie Marquardt Says:

    Happy Blogoversary. I made sure to post to my facebook as well. All the colors are gorgous. My favorite sadly were all sold out except
    Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” Sold out wise, I loved
    Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom.

  84. Judi A. Says:

    I am always drawn to pink, and this was no exception. I love the colorway “Slutty Thursday Afternoon Things.” Gorgeous!

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  85. Vassiliki Says:

    All colors were lovely, but most I loved “Grrr….Arf!!!! (Mutant Wheaten)”! 🙂

  86. lorraine Says:

    happy blogiversary! i love -Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.”… just gorgeous!

  87. Mimi Says:

    Ooh, Shiny!! That is such beautiful yarn. Happy blogoversary!

  88. Erin Says:

    Congratulations! I too love my blogging outlet for many of the same reasons as you! I entered by following you on Twitter, Tweeting about the giveaway and by putting a comment about you blog and giveaway on FB. Need to find the “Like” button here and I will mention you on my blog before the deadline. Need to read back a bit and get to know what you are all about!

  89. nushechka Says:

    i like Elegy – Cookstown Jail, 1977

  90. nushechka Says:

    Like this blog post

  91. nushechka Says:


  92. nushechka Says:

    following on twitter-AnnaKulu1

  93. Chelsea W Says:


  94. Chelsea W Says:

    I follow on twitter as @580chels

  95. projectstash Says:

    Cheers to another year of blogging. I’m in love with all the colors but if I had to pick one, it would be Hootenany!

  96. Erin Says:

    Congratulations! How awesome of you to do a giveaway. I LOVE the River Song colourway.

  97. Rachel Says:

    Tardis! though I also like many of the others. gorgeous colors.

  98. Ayelet Says:

    So much yarn yumminess.. Is yumminess even a word? who knows. But – “Grrr….Arf!!!!” is the one for me. I promise to love it, pet it, and call it George,

  99. Karin Tsabarim Says:


    my choice is:

    Lawrence Welk 1977 – 1979: The Lost Punk Years!

  100. Astrid Says:

    Happy Blogoversary!! I love Türtljägr: For When Frögschläger Just Won’t Do. I pin it, just for the fun to pin 🙂

  101. cnuland Says:

    Happy Blogoversary! Are we supposed to pick a colorway in stock – most of the ones I like are sold out. Like Oooo…Shiny… I do also like Elegy – Cookstown Jail, 1977.

  102. cnuland Says:

    I liked the blog post

  103. cnuland Says:

    I now follow @eclecticitee

  104. cnuland Says:

  105. Erinn Says:

    I liked this post
    followed on twitter
    posted on fb
    i like Elegy – Cookstown Jail, 1977 of merino sock

  106. Esther Says:

    I love them all.
    Cute Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels Of Doom made me laugh but it has to be Tardis because ……. it has to be.

  107. Esther Says:

    I liked
    I follow
    I tweeted
    I FBed

  108. Laura Says:

    I am obsessed with the Merino/Nylon “Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money?”

    gynx on Ravelry

  109. Christina Says:

    I love tiny bloodsucker dancer although it seems that it is sold out. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Girlieknitwit on rav

  110. amanda Says:

    I love Tweety Of Versailles

  111. purplepenguin Says:

    I like “OOOh, shiny!” even though it’s sold out. I also like Lawrence Welk 1977 – 1979: The Lost Punk Years (Special Edition).

    I posted to facebook, too.

  112. Rebekka Says:

    Happy blogoversary! There are so many beautiful colorways, it´s hard to choose. But since I have to, I´ll take: Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.”
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Rebekka on ravelry

  113. Lynda Says:

    Happy Blogversary! Beautiful colourways making it hard to choose just one but alas I have chosen Lawrence Welk 1977 – 1979: The Lost Punk Years (Special Edition)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  114. Hope Shastri Says:

    Loved the Tardis sock yarn! Happy anniversary and wishes for many more!

  115. Jami Gensler Says:

    Türtljägr: For When Frögschläger Just Won’t Do just calls to me for some reason. I love the absolute greeness of it.

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