A veggie dish?  The hip new curse word?

Try the new indigodragonfly colourway and an exclusive pattern from Deb Barnhill in the latest shipment of the Smart-Ass Knitters / World Domination Club!


The yarn is in a new base, called Bleats Shoots and Leaves (merino/bamboo/silk), in the most luscious. orange. ever.  (The indigodragonfly genius in naming colourways has spread to naming yarn bases…)

Friends who have seen and patted the yarn say it’s much too special for socks, so I’m not sure if I will use this yarn for this pattern — but I will use the yarn, and I will knit these socks, in some configuration.

My mystery skein was merino nylon sock in the colourway  “Bright Lights, Big City,  Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn” – and methinks this will indeed become some very special socks.


The artisan swag is a beautiful yarn magnet from April Gates of Blackbird Pottery.   Indigodragonfly pooh-bah Kim describes April as one who “pokes nature with a fun stick, eliciting giggles from trees, blackbirds, polka dots and loose feathers.”  (And if you like her page on facebook you can get a coupon for her etsy shop opening soon!)

So my stash and my queue have grown in a delightful way.

Still WIP busting.  I did take a break from the WIPs to knit some kitchen cloths for the boarding house on the kibbutz, a thank you gift now that kidlet will be leaving and moving on to a new place next year.   I knit the Fruit Cloths set by Kris Knits, in cotton.

‘Twas a quick project – almost three cloths are about the same number of stitches as in one round of the Reunion Madness cowl.  It’s no wonder that the cowl is taking so long!

If it wasn’t such a pleasure to work with this yarn, I would have gone crazy from the teeny tiny endless stitches of stockinette long ago…

Well…  crazier.

I have my third blogoversary coming up in less than two weeks!!  I will definitely put my thinking cap on in the next few days and come up with some kind of fun contest to celebrate!  Watch this space for details!


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2 Responses to “Baldersquash!”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Beautiful yarn and projects.
    It’s good to have you blogging again.
    We must have a celebration for your blogoversary at an $&B!

  2. Esther Says:

    Is that the cowl you had at the SnB? It is so lovely to touch. Link to the yarn?

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