Didja miss me?

Another lost month.  And then some.  I can’t tell you how much I miss my blogging!

Kidlet is again in hospital – the third time in the past year.  More tests, more med changes, more observation, more treatment.  It started this time when the kibbutz sent her home because of her condition… after a few days at home, because the youth ward was full at the hospital (no room?!), we reached a crisis and ended up at the ER.  Lots of waiting around, got a lot of knitting done (mostly the Reunion Madness cowl).  Interviewed by one doctor, then another, then a consult with a third, and they decided to admit her.  But the only place they had a free bed was in the small children/babies ward.  Where the rules state that a parent must stay with the child.  So they put me on a cot next to her bed, I texted my boss that I wouldn’t make it in the next day, and we settled in.  Or tried to.  I was wedged in between kidlet and a small child in the next bed who shrieked with pain.  All night.  His father on a cot on the other side of him managed to snore away, but kidlet and I spent most of the time just looking at each other as the screams went on.   Around 1:30 in the morning they wheeled in an infant in a crib and settled her across the room.  And then her mother spent an hour on her cell phone telling people all about it.  Loudly.  I mentioned to the woman that there happened to be other people in the room, trying to sleep, and she got all huffy.  And continued to talk.  When the poor little one next to me finally exhausted himself with screaming, he fell quiet for half an hour.   So of course the baby started to cry.

Not really one of the most enjoyable nights of my life.

The next day, as we waited for doctors to talk to and tests to be done, time passed slowly.  Some soldiers from the nearby base came to visit and amuse the little kids.  Kidlet hid under her covers, embarrassed – most of the soldiers were only about 6 months to a year older than her, after all.  Partner, who had been with us in the evening until we were settled in, came back early in the morning.  At least she got some sleep.  She brought me food.   Interesting that they require a parent to stay with each child – but only provide meals for the children.

Anyway, by afternoon a place had opened up in the youth ward of another hospital, so we played the bureaucracy game and got her transferred and settled in.

That was a month ago.  Life is a cycle of work, hospital, and sleep.  Very little of the last item.   I try and sleep on my commute, so not much knitting.  I did manage to make it to a Stitch-n-Bitch meeting one night after leaving the hospital, which was like a good shot of energy.  But for now no changes.

I am continuing with my pincushion sessions, and also with the Tui na – on those days partner goes to the hospital alone.  It seems to be helping – went to a wedding one afternoon and actually got up and danced – for the first time in two years!  Then a few days later I got overly optimistic and worked hard in the flat…and the pain is back.   My acupuncturist scolded me and told me work is bad for me.  I told him I wanted that in writing.  (Partner wanted him to stick needles in my butt with the American flag on them for the 4th of July – I wasn’t amused.)

Kidlet wants to come home, we’re hoping the doctor will agree that she can soon.

Let’s see…so let’s close the post with something positive.  Back in May, I was one of five winners of a JL Yarnworks   sock pattern giveaway!    Jackie’s fantastic new sock pattern is called Aim True – inspired by the Hunger Games, featuring an arrow pattern:

photo by JL Yarnworks

Can’t wait to knit these up – I’m thinking of using the Shinyyy SWN sock yarn I bought from my pal Bat (CrazyVet on Rav) at the Yarn and Falafel national gathering, in gorgeous sapphire:

They’ll probably have to wait until after the Ravellenic Games, though, as I am frantically trying to do some WIP busting before the cast-on late this month and then will be going crazy juggling two largish projects for the Games.

Hopefully things at home will be calmer then.

Feels so good to be back writing!!

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2 Responses to “Didja miss me?”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Yes, a lot. ^_^

  2. Esther Says:

    I promised I’d be back and here I am!!
    I remember the fun of the children’s ward. When my son was 2 months he got a high temperature. Because the pediatrician wasn’t available the nurse panicked and sent us to hospitable.
    I also had to stay beside him. There was a single Mum next to me who had been ‘trapped’ on the ward for 2 weeks and had only seen her 2nd child once in that time because the staff didn’t ‘approve’ of children visitors.
    Although it was January I was given a sheet but no blanket and told I could use my son’s pillow only if he didn’t need it. Even though I was breast feeding I had to provide my own meals but wasn’t allowed to leave the ward in order to buy food.
    Luckily I was roomed with several Druze families who had prepared a picnic feast and invited everyone to join them.
    Hope things improve soon.
    And I can’t wait to see those socks.

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