In Which I Audition for the Role of Pincushion

I’m still running through the list of pain management techniques recommended by the hip specialist in order to delay the hip replacement surgery.  Weeks of physiotherapy didn’t work.  Neither did the weeks of short wave and ultrasound massage, although that felt good for the 5 minutes it went on.  It just didn’t affect the pain in walking or standing.

Next on the list  –  acupuncture.  I went to the pain clinic, and met with a doctor there.  He recommended a combination regimen of acupuncture and Tui na, which is a form of traditional Chinese manipulative therapy usually used in conjunction with another therapy (such as acupuncture).  From what I understand, it’s a mixture of massage techniques using Chinese taoist and martial art principles in an attempt to bring into balance the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   I’ve been scheduled for the acupuncture once a week, and the Tui na once every two weeks.

Yesterday after work was my first acupuncture visit and I got to play pincushion.  After a consultation, I lay on my side and got needles poked around my hip joint, down the leg to the foot, with a few in my back and my butt, and a couple in the other leg for good measure.  (OK, to maintain balance in the meridians…)  I felt them, but most didn’t hurt.  According to Tal, the acupuncturist, the majority of needles were at points in the Stomach meridian – brightest yang of the leg meridians – with a few in the Liver meridian – the absolute yin of the leg meridians.   He made sure that I had no stomach ailments before proceeding.  I lay there for half an hour,  trying very hard not to move and dislodge something – I’ve really got to take out the Kindle next time, since I can’t knit in that position –  then the needles were removed.  From my perspective, I couldn’t see any of the needles except for the ones in my thigh.  Truthfully, I didn’t try too hard to see any of the others.  And I deliberately blocked out the fact that just last week I was blogging about voodoo pins.  (^_^)

I was curious if there was any significance to the fact that none of the needles hurt at all except for the two around my toes (one on top of a toe and one between two toes).  He told me that it could be that my feet were more sensitive (not that I’ve ever noticed…), or that we are usually more sensitive at the end points of the meridians.  Makes sense, I suppose.

It remains to be seen if this treatment will work.  I didn’t notice any difference in pain level when I walked back to my car afterwards.  I wasn’t expecting any after only one session.  I’m really hoping it will help, though.  I’m coming to the end of the list.

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3 Responses to “In Which I Audition for the Role of Pincushion”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I really hope this will help you.
    My Dad had problems with his shoulder a while back (in Romania) and he got acupuncture from a great Doctor. It didn’t hurt at all (and let’s keep in mind that my Dad is like most guys, whining at the smallest pains and aches), not even between his fingers. He got the needles from the base of the neck all the way down to his hand/fingers. The treatments fixed the problem. 🙂

  2. noraadrienne Says:

    A refuah sh’leama on your hip. My partner’s aunt just had hers done at “The Hospital for Special Surgery” in Manhattan. She’s walking better then she has in years, and is having the other one done in August.

    Yes I know that you have great doctors in Eretz Yisroel, but I’m a New Yawker. LOL

    Kol Tov.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks for the good wishes! I do plan to have hip replacement surgery, or some kind of hip surgery if replacement isn’t the best option according to the docs. I know quite a few folks with success stories with this, so I figure it will be OK. (Even if it’s not in NY! :D) I’m waiting at least until kidlet is settled without complications, so everything is still up in the air.

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