Vampire Voodoo Bear

Still backblogging…

The April package of the Smart Ass Knitters World Domination Club was received with much anticipation and delight.

And yes, that’s a pattern for a vampire voodoo bear (Frankienstein) by the esteemed Sarah Jenkins.  The yarn – beautiful merino sock yarn in the colourway  Ruxpinosferatu.

I have to admit the cleverness of the colour name wasn’t immediately obvious to me, since Teddy Ruxpin was created in the US years after I lived there, and the character never made it to this part of the woods. The Nosferatu/Dracula/Vampyre part I knew but looked up just to make sure.

The swag included lots of  bits and pieces of really lovely yarn and a few buttons for all the detail work on the bear.  Oh, yes, and a set of voodoo pins.  One must have proper voodoo pins.  Very useful things, those.  Kidlet was ecstatic when she saw it, and kept chanting “voodoo bear” all evening.  I suppose that’s a hint that she would like me to knit it for her?  I may or may not, since I have a few other ideas about what I want to do with this yarn.  We’ll see.

I’m still in WIP busting mode, until the Ravelympics begin in July.  I’m team captain for Team Falafel, and I’ve already set some yarn aside for a perfect Ravelympic project.  Or two.  If I finish the first one I have planned, then I have a backup ready.

I’ve been working on some more row counter bracelets,  I’ll take them tomorrow to the annual Yarn & Falafel get together.

Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up and knit and maybe learn something and do a wee bit of trading and shopping!  Kidlet and partner may join me this time, which will be fun, if it happens.

Knitting and beading, beading and knitting…    If only work – and other random crises – wouldn’t keep interfering.

And now that I’ve nicely muddled past present and future…

Knit on!

                         (Knitting is just so rock and roll….)

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