Flowers, flowers, flowers

The last weekend of the vacation we managed to go to the Haifa International Flower Exhibition – billed as the largest flower exhibition to ever take place in Israel.  The flower show has been a long-standing tradition in Haifa. It was held annually for 25 years until 1993, when it closed its doors.  This year it was back.   We avoided going at the beginning, it was so crowded the lines were hours long and people weren’t even getting in to see anything.  By the end of the holiday, it was much less crowded.

The whole thing covered about 30 acres in a park along the sea, so I made a firm decision to simply ignore my hip.  Other than a few times when I had to find a place to sit down for a while, it wasn’t too bad.

There were nine huge dome tents, each with a different “Flower World”.

(They look deceptively small…but very large inside.  Perhaps they’re related to the tents at the World Quiddich Cup.)

Over half a million flowers made up the worlds, including Paris Boulevard with rows of many little shops and cafés, among them:

as well as a hippie bug (car, that is)

Hanging Gardens

The domes were entered through dark tunnels:

Wild World, Fantasy Land, Never land, one world after another…

All with amazing displays

Some of the domes were entirely in the dark, with the only lighting on the flowers

In the Senses World, there were little pods hung from the ceiling, and people waited in lines to go inside each little pod to be totally surrounded by flowers.

But basically, all gimmicks and fuss aside,  it was about the beauty of flowers.

Outside the domes there was plenty to entertain, including large displays of topiary, staff in costumes, food (of course), shops…

The lawns also held flower formations, and lots of comfy seating

I plopped myself down on one of these…but the hip protested, and I had the devil of a time struggling up out of it…  Luckily, no pictures of that.

Transportation was very efficient, parking was a good distance away and shuttle buses were very organized and very frequent.  Didn’t even have much time to knit.

We finished the day off with a meal at a favourite restaurant.  It was a lovely day!

Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have tried to knit at all.  The next day when I picked up the project to continue, I found a dropped stitch.  Quickly picked it up through a few rows, and there was a big loop left – and I have no idea how on earth I did that!

Tried tightening the loop through the next stitches, considered weaving the loop in and tacking it down, but with such fine lace I know it would not look good.  No other choice but to tink back a round.  Or two.  Whatever is necessary.    Which I’m doing, but each round is 430 stitches.   This does not make me happy.

Better to think about the flowers.


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One Response to “Flowers, flowers, flowers”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Beautiful! It seems you had a great time!
    Now I am sorry I didn’t go. Let’s hope they will do it next year too.

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