Body art. aka Ow!

I may have mentioned at one point or another that Kidlet has wanted a tattoo for a long time.   Like, since she was five.   Seriously,  she begged for a tattoo of an eagle on her stomach for her fifth birthday. The temporary ink things for kids just wouldn’t do.   Obviously, she didn’t get it.

By the time she was 12 it had turned into a weekly battle, her wanting all kinds of tats and me saying not yet.   “Saying” implies calm discourse, when in actuality it often escalated into shouting and crying and it was all pretty exhausting.   I tried to explain that at the rate her likes and dislikes were changing drastically, she would undoubtedly regret whatever she got this early.  After a year of this, to get a little peace, I told her that if she waited until age 16, I would go with her and we would both get one.  Finally something that shut her up!

Of course, I knew that the day would come when I would have to keep this promise.  So be it.

When she turned 16, such excitement!!  But she had a hard time deciding what tattoo she wanted. She started gathering ideas, but couldn’t decide. I told her she had to be sure, that I would wait, and she took it very seriously.   I told her I still had veto power on what, where, and how big.  It wasn’t a problem for me, I knew right away what I would get.

Now she’s 17 and a bit….and definitely decided on a feather on her shoulder.  So… since she’s home for the holiday, we made an appointment.  At the beginning of the vacation, we went for a consultation first (also so I could check out the place and the woman’s credentials, etc…)  And today was the day.

Kidlet went first.  The design was inked on, and the woman began.  Kidlet was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would.  But as time and the work went on, it was a little harder.

When I wasn’t jumping up every time she called me to take another picture, I managed to get some knitting done.   Nervous energy?  Except when I popped out to a pharmacy to get the ointment the woman recommended.

Finally,  Kidlet had the tattoo she so desperately wanted!

Then it was my turn.  Eep.

We had discussed my design, and she felt it was too detailed unless I wanted a really big tattoo.  Um…no.  So we simplified some of it.  And she felt that I shouldn’t get it all in purple, because purple fades faster than most of the other colours.  I asked how long it would last – and when she told me I realised that yes, I may need to get it touched up.   When I reach 80….if I still care.  So I stuck with the purple.

I figured that I could knit while she worked on me, and earlier I practiced knitting without moving one arm at all – I thought how fortunate I’m a thrower and not a picker, I can keep my left arm still.  But – no such luck.  Since I wanted my tat in front, I had to lie down so she could work on me.  Well, piffle.  So I sadly put the knitting away.

OK, it didn’t hurt a LOT….but it did hurt.  Maybe because of the location.  Maybe because of my age?  I know I bled much more than Kidlet did.   I was also cold in there, and shivered some, which didn’t help.  After what seemed like an eternity, it was done.

I am now a tattooed woman.

Until our designs heal and the skin can take pressure/friction, Kidlet is better off – all she needs to do is put her bra straps in an X across the back.  I need a strapless.  Which I don’t have.  So I’m improvising.   Didn’t think about that.  Oops.

Partner is very upset with us, as she hates tattoos, both aesthetically and healthwise.  Upset mostly with me for allowing it.  And while I understand her concerns,  I think my decision was ok.  Kidlet is certainly thrilled.

I think I’m really going to like my tat.  When it stops being sore.

So who else has tattoos?  Or wants one?  What are the pros and cons for you?


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One Response to “Body art. aka Ow!”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Both are beautiful!
    Hope they stopped hurting.

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