What time is it?

We switched to Daylight Saving Time last night.  Or this morning.  Whatever.  All I know is that I got one hour less of sleep.

I had to go to Physiotherapy this morning at 8, so I set the alarm in my phone to 7.  Then I started worrying that perhaps the smartphone wouldn’t change the time as it should, and the alarm set for 7 would ring at 8 and I’d be late.  So I set an additional alarm for 6.  Of course the phone changed time all by itself, and I was awakened at 6.  After a late (and wonderful) SnB the evening before. Where I did the weaving part of the In the Navy Criss Cross scarf!  And got to wear Roberta’s gorgeous Topiary shawl most of the evening.

One very significant point:  both partner and kidlet joined me at SnB.  And partner was knitting.  Rejoice!

Anyway, up at 6.  I began the day today already bleary.

I arrived at my appointment at 8, but my therapist was still busy, so I waited.  When he came out to call me, another two people waiting there started fussing, one protesting that his appointment was at 7 and it was already 7:15, what’s going on, etc.  The therapist said what 7?  It’s already 8:15.  Oops.  He hated to send them home, so he was rushing around like a madman trying to fit everyone in.  And the day had just begun.  He probably had a crazy schedule all day.

Afterwards I managed to get a lot done, bank and pharmacy and getting something fixed on the car and grocery shopping and getting a haircut.  But I really felt that missing hour of sleep.

It has been a royal pain all month, as different countries changed their clocks.  The US a couple of weeks ago, the UK a week ago or so, etc.  Since part of my job is coordinating teleconferences, I really hate the time changes.  Most of the time I know what time it is in several places in the world.  The months that Daylight Saving begins and ends are always confusing.  As pointed out so very well by C. P. G. Gray:


What do you think?  Should we just do away with the whole silliness?  Is there really any advantage to it these days?  I’ve never done a poll, here’s a good subject for one!


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