Rainbows, WIPs, chai and a cervix

Back at the job, and crazy busy after all the days I missed.  Boss has requested I work overtime – finally making up all the lost work.   Last night I got home from work and headed right for bed.  I was asleep before 8pm, and slept through to the morning.  Sheesh.

Finished the rioting rainbows!

Wove in the ends on the way to work, and wore the mitts while it was still kinda cold this morning before the heating kicked in.

I  can’t decide whether to now

  1. Cast on for another pair for kidlet  (Do I want to work with splitty yarn again right away??  OTOH, it’s fresh in my mind, and she really loves them.)
  2. Work on the WIP pile  (Of course this is what I should do…there are quite a few that are close to being finished.)
  3. Cast on for a new project since I finished one  (Way too many queue items are calling me…and *ahem* there is some chatter in the Yarn & Falafel group about starting a new KAL.)
  4. Knit and felt a cervix for women’s collaborative art.  (Check it out!  Now why does this especially appeal to me??)


I need your opinions!

At least we got to spend time with Kidlet on Saturday.  Picked her and a friend up at the kibbutz, and they begged for a trip to the mall.  Shops were still closed but the cafés were not, so we had a treat while waiting for the shops to open up. Then the girls got a phone call that several old friends had come to the kibbutz to visit, so they decided not to wait and wanted to return early.  (Methinks my wallet is grateful…)

Kidlet did manage to snap a picture of me with some of my favourite things, all in one:

There’s me with my tea (a wonderful chai latte), lace knitting and the iphone.  Never mind about raindrops on roses,  just colour me happy!  (Pull the kindle out of my bag and onto the table, and the happy upgrades to ecstatic… but let’s not get carried away.)

Now I’ve got Julie Andrews singing in my head…


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One Response to “Rainbows, WIPs, chai and a cervix”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Oh… I have lots to say this time:
    1. I love that song – and now Julie Andrews is singing in my head too: “warm wollen mittens” are in there too 🙂
    “snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes” – oh…
    I really should listen to/sing this song more!
    2. I love, love, love the mitts!!!
    3. Regarding what you should do next (I might be a bit late on that one…) – mys suggestion is this: alternate between a new project from your queue and a WIP to FO.
    After you are done with one of the above, then you can start the mitts for Kidlet.
    4. Love the pic. You look happy indeed!

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