*blink blink* Is that the sun? *sniffle*

Well – time, or the pills the doc gave me, or some other factor seems to be making a change.  The nose is still running, but less.  I’m still a bit foggy, but able to carry on a reasonably coherent  conversation. 

Yesterday I picked my stir-crazy self up and in a brave foray stuck my poor red nose out into the fresh air.  We needed to do some shopping for kidlet, so partner and I took her to lunch at the mall.  The two of them did most of the shopping, I rested a lot.  Even treated myself and kidlet to a manicure. One thing I did pick up – in the cosmetics store I found some cloth cosmetic/gift bags that are just perfect as knitting project bags…they were a great deal, and I grabbed a few in different colours.

Afterwards we picked up one of kidlet’s friends and then dropped them off to meet up with a crowd of their buddies for the big Purim street party the city throws every year.  Lots of streets were closed off in the centre of town, bands played, everyone was dressed up in costume, lots of noise and craziness and fun.  Partner and I drove by and considered joining in, but I really wasn’t up to it, so home we headed.  Brought kidlet home much later, together with two of her friends who slept over, after they had exhausted themselves dancing non-stop for hours.

  Today they all slept in.  After brunch, it was decided to go to the beach, as the weather has turned amazingly warm.  I figured it would do me good to sit in the sun.   The girls were all excited to pull out the warm-weather clothes!

What makes this so striking is that here is a picture of kidlet from exactly one week ago –

– when the kibbutz took her and her housemates north to the Golan covered in snow.   (This was the first time in her life she saw snow – I was getting constant updates by text and by phone and she was so thrilled…)

Anyway, back to the beach.  The sun was strong, but unfortunately so was the wind.  The place was mobbed, all the cafés were packed.

(Sorry about the red tint, kidlet changed the colour filter on the camera and I only noticed after the first couple of pictures I shot…)

The girls took off to one of the beaches that is a hangout for their crowd, and partner and I finally found a place to plop ourselves down.

(That’s the lovely shawl my friend Batya knitted for me…)  I pulled out my knitting – the second rioting rainbow – and partner pulled out her sudoku.  We kept getting blasted by the wind, which among other things made it very hard to knit, so finally decided to find an inside table to sit.  Found another spot down the beach some, still outside but sheltered.  I also made an interesting discovery.  Walking on sand hurts the hip much much more than walking on the boardwalk.  Good thing to know. 

We treated ourselves to a hot lunch and I tried to fix the fiddly knitting mistakes I had made in the wind.   The yarn is way too splitty and fuzzy to tink easily, and half the stitches are twisted, not to mention the lace elements.   I finally said enough and frogged it, deciding it would be easier to start over.  I was only just past the cuff and into the pattern, so it wasn’t too bad.  I managed to get back to where I was before frogging by the end of my tea after the meal.  (Black tea in a cup full of fresh mint leaves.)

Kidlet is enchanted with the mitts, and it looks like I have enough yarn to make her a pair as well.  (They would have been handy – pun intended – on her trip to the snow, but we didn’t know about that in advance.)

Returned home to crawl back under the covers to rest.  Tomorrow I will again venture out for a short jaunt, to a family birthday.  And then Sunday back to work.

Better start psyching myself up for that now…


2 Responses to “*blink blink* Is that the sun? *sniffle*”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Oh oh oh …. glad to hear that you are feeling better! I am sure this was a lost mutant ninja… oh, sorry, virus – that attacked you so viciously. I think this should be reported to the Anti Virus Police.

    The mitts look great 🙂

    Have fun today and don’t over do it. You must be 100% well by the time I get back – I will need you for the S&B.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! It sounds like Israel has the same crazy weather we had – this past week was gorgeous with highs in the 20s, the week before, the snow level came down to almost sea level. So bizarre. I hope spring is here to stay.

    I took my kids to the beach yesterday too. But instead of sitting at a cafe and knitting, we threw rocks in the water. For an hour. I like my kids being small, but I think I’m going to like them being big too.

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