In which I battle a mutant cold virus….

Getting a cold is not that big a deal, right?  Even a few times during the winter season, when the virus stops in to visit on its journey, whenever you’re run down a bit.

My colds run a pretty predictable pattern.  They often begin with the hint of a sore throat, then after a day or two of sneezing, whether the throat continues to hurt or not, my nose starts running for about three days and my head hurts and I feel woozy and miserable.  Sometimes this is it,  especially if I caught it early and nearly drowned myself in echinacea tea.  Sometimes it moves on to the coughing stage at this point, which can linger for quite an annoying period.  Cold medicine during the runny nose stage can really help me feel more human, but it just deals with the symptoms and doesn’t change the course of the cold.

Or so has been my experience until now.

I am now on day nine of the runny nose stage.  There was no warning signal in the throat – I just started sneezing, my eyes felt hot, my head felt thick, I told my boss that I would stay home the next day or so until it passes.   And then eight days stuck in bed filling trash bag after trash bag with kleenex, enough to feel guilty about the number of trees being harmed by my sinuses.

Cold medicine has not really helped this time.  For the first few days I was too fuzzy-headed to pay attention to the old adage “feed a cold, starve a fever”, stumbling out of bed to grab something quick.  ( I never remember how that goes, have to look it up every time.  And it seems it works, researchers are discovering that food and fasting trigger different responses in the immune system.  When-oh-when are they going to realise that those “old wives” were pretty damn smart?)  Wasn’t up to cooking a meal, but I did order takeout a couple of times.  Finally did some proper shopping – online – and had the supermarket deliver, so as of yesterday the meals got a lot fuller and healthier.  Of course, there hasn’t been much my doc can do, although she did prescribe something new on my one-and-only venture out into the cold weather.   We’ll see.

Kidlet arrived for the holiday vacation this morning, and brought me tea in bed.  What a sweetie.  Of course, she may be angling for permission to go to some party or event…in which case, it didn’t work, sorry.  But the gesture was lovely.

What does one do in bed for a week?  I had to field some calls from work, and one horrible afternoon had to take part in a teleconference training session that couldn’t be rescheduled.  Luckily not much feedback was required, I got through with a few grunts.  I have managed to read some, although attention wavers pretty quickly.  Finished Barbara Allen’s Antiques Maul, and enjoyed it.  Now I’m making a change away from cozies with Laugh Lines: Conversations with Comedians by Corey Andrew, but so far I’m finding it pretty disappointing. I may not finish it, although I’m still giving it a go.

And of course when I’ve felt strong enough to sit up among the pillows, I have succeeded in getting some knitting done.  The first Rioting Rainbow mitt is done!

So far I’ve only done the cuff of the second mitt, inspired by the first.  I’m not sure I’ve matched the colour sequence exactly, but it’s close enough that I’m not worried.  And since when am I symmetrical anyway??

That’s not a whole lot o’knitting for eight days of being stuck at home, which testifies to how this totally unnecessary mutant cold has hit me. And this is my first time sitting up at the computer for the duration, although I’ve checked email, etc. on the phone from bed.   I have a lot to catch up on!

I’m beginning to feel more human once more.  Although the damn nose is still running.  Let’s hope that this is not a prediction of colds to come in my future, but simply a single deviant virus come to harass me.  I plan to go back to work after the holiday weekend.  Enough already.

Here’s also hoping that everyone else is healthy and happy.  And have a great Purim!!


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