Goodbye Kitty

I am so tired of Hello Kitty.

The little critter is everywhere.  Including invading my home.  I know people who collect everything Hello Kitty they can.  It adorns clothing (including several of kidlet’s items of apparel), bags, accesories, computers, cell phones, fingernails, bank cards,

tattoos, towels and linens, appliances, musical instruments, even braces.

You can eat Hello Kitty cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sushi…

Kidlet has quite a few bits of Hello Kitty jewelry, in case she’s wearing something unadorned.

Well, to kidlet’s horror, I have gone over to the dark side.  (I can’t understand why she is surprised…)  I was overjoyed to receive the February package from the Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination Club, which includes some gorgeous 2-ply organic merino…in the colourway Goodbye Kitty.

In the package it was noted that sometimes it’s best not to know too much about how a colour name comes about…but there are rumours it has something to do with feeding Hello Kitty to a large beast…

I love it.  Kidlet was appalled, although that didn’t prevent her from wondering if I could knit her something with the yarn.  Hm.

Also in the package:  a mitten pattern (“Ellipses“) by Stephanie Roy – with little bows knitted in, of course – and a wonderful project bag by Darby Bayly with hints of Hello Kitty’s demise…

I haven’t decided if I will knit up Ellipses with the yarn…I’m way behind on my Indigodragonfly projects, although I have finished knitting Algonquin, grafted the two halves last week at SnB, now I just have to block it!    Reunion Madness (the Reunion cowl) is going very, very slowly… no time to seriously knit, and the 430-stitch rounds in lace weight seem to take forever.  It’s the project I keep in my bag for quick bursts of knitting when I don’t have the time or space to concentrate on a pattern, but it isn’t getting very far that way.

I do want to start Flavia, not to mention the Charee socks!

I do have a pair of mitts on the needles, cast on when I finished Algonquin.  I’m using the Hands of Blue pattern by Lucy Hague, in King Cole Riot, for some Rioting Rainbows mitts.

The yarn’s a bit splitty, and all the knitting is done through the back loop, which makes it a bit fiddly.  But I’m hoping it will be a quick project.

I also want to do some serious WIP busting.

And then I can get back to some Indigodragonfly yarn once again…


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One Response to “Goodbye Kitty”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I love love love my Goodbye Kitty yarn!!! 🙂
    Now I have to find something to knit with it. I am open to suggestions.

    Your Algonquin is gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see how the Reunion Madness turns out.

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