Wool U B my Valentine?

Ever have trouble figuring out what to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day?  Flowers are lovely and fragrant, but temporary.  Chocolates are a necessary food group, but temporary and fattening.  Jewelry is more permanent, but you have to really know your partner’s tastes.  I happen to have a partner who doesn’t wear jewelry.  Period.  Except for a watch.  Handmade gifts are lovely, but do require time that we may not always have in our frantic schedules.  (And again, you must know exactly what your significant other likes…)

So what lasts forever?  Think about it.  What can survive anything, including nuclear devastation?   The Bronx Zoo has thought about it, and offers an alternative gift.  For only $10, you can name one of their cockroaches after your special someone.  And not just any cockroach, but one of their 58,000 Madagascar hissing cockroaches.  (58,000??  I’m assuming the Health Department is aware of this?)  Guaranteed to charm your valentine, if it doesn’t totally gross them out.  It will certainly be a valentine that is remembered. By your sweetie, or your boss, or your kid…

An interesting fact about this particular roach:   When disturbed, this insect emits a loud hiss to startle potential predators. It creates the sound by forcing air out of its abdominal air holes (called spiracles). The hiss is 90 decibels—equivalent to the sound made by a lawnmower or hair dryer.    I am sure you would have managed just fine without that bit of knowledge, but hey, we can always enhance our education…

Oh, and for just a few dollars more, the zoo will send your loved one a hand-crafted chocolate cockroach – a “Cocoa-Roach” –  as well.  Since we are talking about Valentine’s Day, after all.  A luxury, dark chocolate cockroach.  Yummy.  And what is nice, and perhaps the most important, purchasing this gift helps to support the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Which helps save animals more at risk than the cockroach.  And that probably includes the entire spectrum of animal life.  But never mind.

You don’t think your love will appreciate this gift?  Well, if he or she is a knitter, then there is only one gift that makes any sense.  Today – yes, today!!! – signups open for this year’s Smart Ass Knitters / World Domination Club!!!!!!!!

If you read this blog, you already know all about this club.  I interviewed Kim, the Grand Poobah Smart Ass and indigodragonfly marvel, one year ago.    Every club package has been received and reviewed with delight.  And a new one is  currently in transit to me as I type.


I was lucky, since I’m already in the club, I got to sign up early.  But now everyone has a chance!  Just to recap, what do you get?

  •  1 Skein of hand dyed yarn (colourway exclusive to club members for 10 months). A variety of weights and fibres will be showcased.
  •   1 Pattern for that yarn (exclusive to Indigodragonfly for 7 months). A variety of projects will be showcased.
  •   Artisan-made swag: a small gift handmade just for the Club by artisans we love.

You can join for six months or a year, pay monthly or all at once, there is an alternative option if you have allergies to any kind of yarns…

So what are you waiting for??  This is the perfect gift for someone you love, and that includes yourself!!  And it lasts all year.  And it’s yarn.   Delicious yarn.  And more.  Hurry and sign up, and then drop by the Indigodragonfly group on Ravelry and join in the silliness there!

See you on the special bus!


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2 Responses to “Wool U B my Valentine?”

  1. Robin L. Zalben Says:

    We actually owned a Madagascar hissing cockroach for about 5 days. (I didn’t clean it’s container, and it drowned) Rather gross, but that is what my 2nd grader brought home from her zoology class….

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