The sun, nude sunbathers, and waffles…

We’re having a brief break from the nasty wet colder-than-usual winter weather that has covered Mt. Hermon with snow this past month.  The last week or so we have actually seen the sun, although sometimes with a sharp cold wind.  Today I sat in the sun after lunch, replenishing my vitamin D.

This past weekend kidlet was home, but the Saturday before that was the very beginning of the sudden warmer weather when we visited her on the kibbutz (taking along the unicorn poop…).   We were so pleased that the constant rain had stopped for the visit, and even the goats were enjoying the sun that had been hiding for so many days.

We headed over to the local café and sat outside in the garden to fully appreciate the sun.  We were the only brave souls outside, although the café was packed inside.  At first there was a brisk wind, which caused me to stay bundled.

But the sun soon warmed us, and the waitress brought us a pot of hot herbal tea (with herbs grown in their garden) on the house to fortify ourselves….

Even Pecki, who was being dogsat (dogsitted??) that weekend came along and enjoyed the fresh air.  He carefully avoided the goats, though…

What a feast we had!  The kibbutz café is quite famous, with an organic vegetarian gourmet menu.  (The kibbutz also sells organic foodstuffs in markets all over the country.)

Home baked whole wheat breads, with a range of cheeses and spreads.

I had cabbage leaves stuffed with brown rice, herbs and pine nuts, cooked in a carrot & beet sauce, and it was fantastic.

We had a long leisurely meal in the sun, everyone was a little drowsy afterwards.  I pulled out my knitting, partner relaxed and kidlet had a rest…

We stayed until the sunlight moved away from the garden and we started to feel the cold again.

Now predictions are that the unusually sunny weather is about to disappear once again, and a big storm is heading our way from the direction of Europe.  It has been a very short season for river rafters who like the rapids – the Jordan river now has lots of white water from the earlier storms, and the respite from the rain has allowed the serious rafters to navigate the challenging river that is usually pretty calm.

Time to batten down the hatches. Winter is coming back.  Thanks a lot, Punxsutawney Phil.

And spend time in pondering another odd sign spotted recently…

Um.  OK.  (Seems a little overly specific, no?)


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