End of semester

Kidlet got her report card yesterday.  And my day became crazy.  The school notified the kibbutz where she boards but forgot me, kidlet decided I had to come for the parent-teacher meeting.  I finally talked with her teacher, and we arranged for me to come towards the end of the day.  I figured I would take the regular transportation to work, borrow a  car from a coworker, go to the school, then get back to work in time to return the car and take the transportation home.

Yeah, right.

So there I was at work, sans car, when the teacher phoned.  Turns out that I was to meet with more of her teachers, and that kidlet was staying late to be with me and would miss her ride back to the kibbutz, so could I possibly take her back?  Oh and one of the other kids from the kibbutz was staying late, so I would be taking both of them.  Thanks so much.

Harumph.  No way to do that with a borrowed car and get back in time.  So…I left work at noon, skipping lunch.  Waited at the gate until someone was heading out, hitched a ride into the center of town to grab a sherut.  (For those of you unfamiliar with this Israeli phenomenon, a sherut taxi is a large van/minibus – about 10 passengers – that either follows a bus route or its own route, costs about the same as bus fare, but picks up and drops off people anywhere along the route, not just at designated stops.  They don’t follow any fixed schedule.  At the beginning of the route you generally have to wait until it fills up before starting out.)

Caught a sherut right away, but the driver wandered around forever trying to pick up more passengers, and a 15 minute ride to the nearest city turned into 50 minutes.   Finished one book, began another.  (Book page updated…)  Finally got off that sherut, grabbed another to Haifa.  Knitted two whole pattern repeats on the Algonquin scarf despite the fellow next to me jabbing his elbow in my face constantly.  Got off at the last stop in the middle of Haifa, and waited for a bus.  Bus came, I rode home, didn’t even bother going inside but jumped in the car and headed out to kidlet’s school.  (No more reading or knitting, unfortunately.)  Got there at 3:15.

For some odd reason, I did not arrive in the best of moods.

I did have a good meeting with the teachers.  The report card this time is without grades, only with verbal evaluations, since kidlet missed so much school while in hospital.  Full speed ahead to the rest of the year.

Left there and took both kidlet and friend with me to the nearby mini mall to find some lunch.   After eating, we did a little window shopping.  Found a knitting magazine in the bookshop with some stunning patterns not yet on Ravelry.  Couldn’t resist.

There’s a cardigan knit in the round that is so going in my queue!

And then, while wandering by a store that carries mainly children’s toys and games, I by chance spied a lone basket on the floor by the register…

This, it goes without saying, demanded further investigation.  I started chatting with the woman in the shop.  This is 100% Tibetan wool, fingering-sport weight, in skeins of about 100 grams, no labels.  She couldn’t tell me more than that, nor did she know how many meters each skein is.

As we continued to chat,  I pulled out my knitting from my bag to show her my yarns and WIPs, and she pulled her knitting from behind the counter to show me.  Then kidlet’s friend pulled her knitting from her bag to show us as well.  At which point kidlet decided that this was going too far.  We all laughed and told her she was just going to have to start knitting.  And since she was drooling over some of the patterns in the mag I just bought, maybe she could start with one of the easy projects there.  She hemmed and hawed, and said she prefers that I knit them for her.  Her friend told her nice try, and that she would happily help her.  Let’s see what happens…..

(I managed to leave without buying any yarn, but I do plan to stop by again.  The colours are amazing.)

Traveling to the kibbutz didn’t take as long as usual, since the girls showed me a shortcut through a neighbouring village.  We only got held up once, as a family was driving their cattle home through the main street, and the cars coming the other way were trying to go around the herd on my side of the road…so we were stuck.

Luckily the tired cattle were in hurry to get home, so aside from the one who tried to peek in the car, they went by at a good pace and we were again on our way.

Dropped the girls off then headed for home.  For a short breather.

Then I was off once again to a desperately needed Stitch-n-Bitch to end the crazy day in the best possible way.  Lovely food.  Good friends.  Lots of laughs.  And knitting.  We met a woman there in the restaurant who came and sat with us for a while, and a mother and daughter who sat at a nearby table who were interested in our knitting and may just join us on occasion.  (Of course we told them about Ravelry, and how to get in touch with us…)

Roberta demonstrated the very efficient technique of wearing your WIP while knitting it.

I’m getting close to finishing the second half of the Algonquin, in the deliciously soft Merino/Cashmere.  Quite a bit of yarn left, once I do all the repeats I may consider adding a couple more repeats to each half before grafting.  Can’t wait to see this blocked!

Perfect end to a long crazy day.

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3 Responses to “End of semester”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Perfect end indeed! I am telling everyone how good our S&B meetings are for our souls. 🙂
    You Algonquin is gorgeous!

  2. Courtney Says:

    Wow, reading about your day made me exhausted! I don’t know how you walked away from that yarn, the colors were indeed stunning. Lots of purples for us! Driving through the village reminded me of the drives we take here in Crete, only we’re often interrupted by sheep or goats.

    I love your scarf. Such a good idea to knit two then graft together. I wish I’d done that with my aria delicato. And Roberta’s Topiary is lovely too. The Israeli Topiaries are making me want to knit one.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I had to walk away from it…I had just bought the magazine, and had already told kidlet that I couldn’t buy her new jeans because money is tight this month. Ahem.

      But it was indeed hard…

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