Crawl on!

The other day was a treat – a Yarn-n-Falafel yarn crawl in Haifa.  And since I had appointments that day (morning and late afternoon) I wasn’t working, so I managed to sandwich in some time for the crawl.  (Got there late and had to leave early, but never mind.)

Folks came from all over, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Carmiel and everywhere else in between.  Marina was here visiting from Toronto and Sherah from Germany, so there was lots of sharing and catching up to do, all while enjoying oodles of yummy yarn.  And some brought their own wares to share as well!

First stop wasn’t really a yarn shop at all, since Avital runs an online shop – but since we were getting together in town she invited us all to her home, where she spread out the yarn and knitting supplies for us.

(That rainbow yarn is what I knitted my Revontuli with!)

We sat and chatted, had tea and cake, her computer was logged on to Ravelry so we could check patterns, etc.  We managed to deplete her stock quite nicely.

Then we were off to lunch (and knit) at a local café.

Of course part of the day was showing off various finished objects and WIPs

After lunch we continued the crawl, visiting yarn stores and enabling each other to… um…. enrich our stashes.

Until finally we again scattered in all directions to plan and plot what to do with all the new fiber goodness…

I was pretty good, actually!  I had planned to buy some more BBB Martine, since I loved working with it so much for kidlet’s slouchy hat.  Bought two more colours of that for two projects in the queue.  The only impulse buy was a new Mondial yarn, Setoso – a merino, silk and acrylic blend – in a denim-like shade that methinks is destined to become a cardi.

Good food, yarn stores, knitting, and friends.  Just what the doctor ordered.  In between doctors.

(Ahem…  Marina!  Don’t go back to Canada, I need more massages!)


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4 Responses to “Crawl on!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Aw, it looks like fun! I’m sorry I missed it. That rainbow yarn is gorgeous! As is Roberta’s shawl and I love love love that Kindle cover!

    I hope your doctors appointments went well.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Sorry you missed it, too! Both Roberta’s shawl and the kindle cover are the handiwork of Revital – amazing work!

  2. Esther Says:

    I’m so jealous. I would have loved to spend the day with you all.

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