First candle ups and downs

Happy Chanuka to all!

I missed posting for the first candle – by the time I could sit down to blog I only wanted to fall into bed and grab some very-much needed sleep.  Which I did.

Not getting much sleep at all lately.  My health has taken some very weird turns, what with the hip and the jaw and the tooth and something as yet unidentified that popped up during the last CT.  Plus, kidlet is back in hospital for more tests and observation and treatment, and could be there at least a month, so she’ll be missing all of Chanuka at home at the very least.   Plus it means that I’m driving the hours to and from work so I can get to her on time for visiting hours.

Yesterday, after a long day at work and then going to a funeral – which involved lots of standing and walking and I didn’t bring the crutches – our first candle was lit with all the other kids and parents and staff on the hospital ward.  Not the cheeriest of settings, although they did their best with songs and jokes.   I didn’t get home until really late, exhausted and kind of depressed, and totally in need of a pick-me-up.  And there was my Chanuka swap package from Jackie just waiting for me.  Eight gifts, one for each candle, but instead of waiting and opening up just one, I tore into all of them – which was just what I needed!

Oh my, WOW!!!!!!!

The yarn – absolutely gorgeous 100% handspun cashmere!!!

It is soooooo incredibly soft!  I’m thinking…maybe mitts…..

Then, a whole lotta knitting notecards and pencils

Yummy Mighty Leaf teas and Dove chocolate!

A beautiful little tin with the most amazing Chanuka stitchmarkers!

A little book about knitting, with quotes and history. (To show how little, I photographed it with an ordinary house key…)  Check out the charm on the bookmark!

Since we’re both fans of House MD, Jackie made me a House puzzle, which I can’t wait to start!  (I may need to collaborate with a friend or two, some of the questions look difficult.  Either that, or spend some time with google….)

Actually, since I’m such a puzzle freak and she did her homework well, she sent me the House crossword, pages of cryptograms, and a wonderful tiny jigsaw.

The jigsaw is so tiny it comes with tweezers and a magnifying glass in order to do it.   I’ll have to set up a space where the catbeast can’t reach….

And finally, since we so rarely get snow in Israel, some glasses to turn any light into snowflakes!  Perfect for looking at the Chanuka candles…..

Such a wonderful and thoughtful package of goodies, it cheered me up tremendously!

(Sylvia in Belgium is showing much more restraint, she has only opened one of the eight gifts I sent her – can’t wait to see which she opens tonight!!)

My name is Chana and I am a swap addict…..still…….



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2 Responses to “First candle ups and downs”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I’m sorry things have been so rough for you lately. That Chanukah swap package is awesome! Enjoy!

  2. Roberta Says:

    Same here – (((hugs))) , hope all the health issues go away , and fast!

    Enjoy your swap packages.

    Miss you 🙂

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