Knitting Knotions – Tools of the Craft

What are your favourite knitting tools you carry with your projects?  Or in your knitting drawer/shelf at home?   What is essential?  What’s not but just nice to have?  I’ve talked about various notions as I use them – but what is the best way to have what you need at hand?

I  carry a little hippie sheep pouch with most of the notions I need in my knitting bag, along with a knitting notebook and pen to jot down what I will want to remember about each project – what cast on I used, to mark off rows, increases, decreases, other details – especially if I’m changing or personalizing a pattern in some way.

Inside the pouch I keep what I need the most:

Scissors, a couple of tape measures (not sure why I have two in there, but never mind…), a needle sizer (which is used a lot), different sizes of  crochet hooks – I don’t crochet much but I use them for repairing dropped stitches or weaving in, needle point protectors (I usually have a couple of different sizes, but some are in use at the moment), a stitch holder, cable needles, highlighter tape (which I love for charts), extra crochet thread for lifelines.  (Lots more thread at home, but this is for emergencies…)

The tiny little tins hold stitchmarkers in different sizes or colours

And the blue plastic tube is for tapestry needles

(The tube used to hold bubble gum, and the tins had chocolates or mints in them…)

There are usually row counters in there, either the rotating kind or a chain

or a kacha kacha

but when I snapped the picture, they were all being used on projects.

The other things I usually carry with me are this little wallet with post it notes for marking patterns, etc.


and a couple of clothes pins for clipping a chart onto something to make it easier to read.

I used to carry a couple of extra knitting needles, circulars in sizes I use a lot, or an interchangible set….but now I keep them in a needle drawer at home. (There’s a pattern drawer, and a swaps drawer, and a blocking tools drawer…I’ve gotten very organised about it since I moved…)  There’s also a box just for stitch markers at home – the  fancy ones, the beaded ones – and materials for making more.

Each WIP has its own project bag, and whatever notions I’m using just for that particular project.  There are usually a couple of projects in my knitting bag at any one time, to be worked on depending on circumstances.

Although I’ve made up my own, I’ve seen lots of different knitting tool kits for sale, either by LYS retailers or etsy folks.

On etsy:

Sarah – thesexyknitter – uses altoid sized tins to make “tool tins”.  I love these, because they’re very compact (much smaller than mine), they’re decorated with knitting (or whatever else you want), and they have a magnet in the lid so you don’t lose your needles.

Blu Onyx Expressions sells a keychain with knitting notions all hooked together so you don’t lose them.

The Electric Carnation also sells a little notion kit in a heart shaped box.

Amy of Knitwit Knits also uses a little tin to make a knitwits knit kit.

In many LYSs, you can find the Knit Kit:

Kind of a knitter’s army knife.

The one thing that does get me in trouble is the pair of scissors.  Many times I have to check that at the entrance when I go into government offices, etc.  (Or I leave the scissors in the car.)   I need to buy one of the approved versions, like the itty bitty hiya hiya puppy snips

(And they come in purple….)

What else?  Tools kept at home are things like blocking boards and blocking wires.  T-pins are notions, of course, and I really need some of those.  I use ball-tipped straight pins for blocking.  I have never used sock blockers – there are quite a few good tutorials for making your own.  When I get around to it.

One little doodad I’ve just discovered is the fix-a-stitch – kind of like a double-ended crochet hook but not exactly.

This is how it works:


Hm…gotta get me one of those….wonder if they come in any other colours besides pink…..

So….what knitting tools do you shlep around with you?







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