I’m still being good, haven’t opened my Chanuka swap gifts.  Although Jackie tells me that if I do decide to open the packages before Chanuka, I can always declare it “Chana-ka” whenever I want!

I have mailed my package to my spoilee already.   I do find it highly peculiar that most Chanuka gifts that I get from abroad have Chanuka wrapping paper…but in Israel there is none to be found.  And I’ve asked at the largest stationery and gift shops, as well as little hole-in-the-wall shops that usually have everything.   All the salespeople look at me as if I’ve lost my mind.   Chanuka decorations are everywhere, but no wrapping paper.  So… I made my own.   Hope my spoilee is amused!

I’ve passed the halfway mark with Slouchy Kid, kidlet’s slouchy hat.  There have been no more goofs – let’s hope that continues.  It really is a wonderful project, I love the pattern, and the yarn is fantastic to work with.  I’m knitting with BBB filati Martine, 100% superwash merino, in the colour kidlet chose:

It’s very soft, and very tightly twisted, so that knitting with it is a joy and the stitch definition is so sharp.

(Even if my photography isn’t…)

I do have more of this yarn in another colour, and I think on my next LYS crawl I may pick up more.  (Ahem.  Yarn diet?  What?)

I won’t have any days off during Chanuka, which is a bummer, since kidlet will be home.  We’ll have to work something out for the weekend.  In the meantime, right now it’s off to the Galilee to visit her!




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