Secure? Yep. Safe in an emergency? Wellll…..

OK, so thieves these days can manage to break their way in to almost anything.  I understand the need for innovative security.  But this chain lock, while much harder for a thief to navigate from the outside, has more drawbacks than advantages.

This lock, called the Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock, was designed by the Art Lebedev Studio.  Constructed of 100% titanium alloy, nothing less than a level forty-two spell of ultimate cutting will break it open.   There is only one possible solution to open it, although I’m sure with practice you could do it pretty quickly.

It sells on Think Geek  for $49.99.

The reviews have not been so positive.

The  Offbeats  website (“deviating from what’s ordinary, usual, or expected”) commented  “You will never leave the house drunk again.”   (Nor, methinks, will your guests – although granted, watching them try may provide some amusing entertainment.)

At, it was noted  “The question is no longer ‘can they get in’ but rather ‘can you get out?’ This funky chain lock design is anything but fire-safe…”

And there’s the main point.  In an emergency, such as fire, or an air raid alert, with the brain buzzing and the adrenalin pumping, could you work the maze in enough of a hurry to get out?  Could your kids? And depending on the age of your kids, would they be able to let themselves out at all?

Hell, I wouldn’t want to have to deal with this on a daily basis, leaving the house in a rush at 6am to get to the driver waiting outside.  Yes, I’m always in a rush in the mornings.  (And – surprise surprise – I am not at my best at 6am…)

So….while I love the design, being the puzzle freak that I am, this is not going on the wishlist.  (There is enough there anyway.)


One Response to “Secure? Yep. Safe in an emergency? Wellll…..”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I agree. And not only that, but a determined thief will still be able to get in (either cutters , or a very hard push that will just rip the whole thing from the door frame)

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