How did I do that?

Today was a day of doctor’s offices, tests, climbing up and down from exam tables, being poked and prodded and pushed.  Pulling out my knitting for brief spurts of time before having to shove it back in my bag when I was called for something new.  I must have taken out kidlet’s hat at least 20 times…sometimes knitting just a few stitches, sometimes a round or two if I was lucky.

And I made a goof I’ve never made before.  When I finally got to sit down for lunch in between doctors, once more out came the project bag, and I started happily knitting away.  And suddenly I encountered…a gap.  In between stitches.  How can there be a gap in a 1×1 rib???  At first I thought I had dropped a stitch, but on examination there was no bar across the gap to pick up, and a couple of stitches looked pretty funky there.  Huh?  I was baffled for a whole minute.  (Hey, I was tired.)  Then it hit me what I had done.  On one of my many starts, I had turned it around and started knitting in the wrong direction.  OK, it’s a reversible rib, so front and back are identical, but how in the blue blazes could I have missed where the working yarn was???   Yikes.  At least I only had to tink one round to get back to where I had switched direction, and the hat is once more on track.   With no gaps.

That’s what I get for not paying enough attention.

Any other silly mistakes you can share so I don’t feel so foolish?   😀

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