December…Holidays…Uh oh

December is here, and the race to finish (OK, in most cases start) knitting holiday gifts has begun.

Kidlet picked out a hat pattern and yarn ages ago, so that’s one Chanuka project on the needles already. It’s the Sixty Cables slouchy hat by Gabriella Krisztián…and it wasn’t until I went to cast on that I actually paid attention to the name of the pattern.  Yes, it does indeed have 60 cables every 4th round…but luckily, done without a cable needle.  (Otherwise I would now be shrieking that I don’t care what she chose, she’s darn well going to get something else…)  Working on it has been a challenge while she’s home this weekend, although there was a nice space of time before she woke up.  When she was up and around I worked on grand nephew’s scarf.  And then again time when I dropped her off to see a friend and son and grandbaby –  it was generally decided that since I have a cold I shouldn’t be cuddling infants.

So I headed over to a local café for a chai latte until it was time to pick up kidlet and drop her off at another friend’s for a bit.  Great, more time for knitting.  Still working on the hat brim.  The chai was lovely, and very good for my cough…

For those who haven’t yet seen it, all this month the Yarn Harlot is blogging ideas and advice for non-knitters who love knitters.  With lots of gift recommendations to make knitters happy.  The first installment is here, and I love the stuff in the second installment even better!  Very much worth checking out – non-knitters, get some great ideas, and knitters, something to send to all your significant non-knitting others.

Besides the wonderful knitterly gifts recommended, I found something else that is definitely on my holiday wish list.   The Warner Brothers official shop has this lovely mug

And when you fill it with hot liquid it transforms to this

(The shop also has more mugs, shirts, wands, a time turner, etc…but I really love this mug the most.)

Other gifts are also in the cards, but I shan’t mention them yet.  Some things should be a surprise.

Now back to the needles.  After I make myself another cuppa.


3 Responses to “December…Holidays…Uh oh”

  1. Roberta Says:

    The mug is out of stock 😥

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oh no!!!

      I’ll just have to count on the Yarn Harlot’s suggestions then…she’s been talking about swifts and winders… 😀

  2. Roberta Says:

    lol! Maybe I can bring mine over the next time I visit 🙂

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