I did it.  It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, and I met the challenge of blogging every day for the entire month.  2216 bloggers started the race this year, but I don’t know how many are actually crossing the finish line.

There were days when I just managed to squeak a post in at the last possible minute, but I did it.  Writing every day actually makes it easier to write, although it sounds like a paradox.  And these days, what with Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and StumbleUpon and so many fascinating blogs out there,  there is such a myriad of things to discover and write about.  In any case, very good discipline.  Amidst all the real life turmoil, a daily task to keep my sanity.  What there is of it.  No comments from the peanut gallery on that one, please.

Appropriately enough, I also finished the Lazy Red River scarf today on the way home from work.  Wasn’t sure I had enough yarn for the last 8-row repeat, but I figured if I ran out I would just tink back to the repeat before.  You know that feeling??  Checking the remaining yarn after every row and wondering if it was going to make it?  Trying not to get your nerves in a twist?  But – whew – I made it, even with a loose bind-off, and I still had a couple of meters left.  Like somewhere between one and two meters.  Well done.

It goes into the mail this weekend.  For the enjoyment of whichever college student ends up with it.

Now back to the other WIPs.

Every ending is also a beginning.  Here we go.


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One Response to “Completion”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Congrats!!!! 🙂 On both accomplishments.

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