Natural Dyes

So far my novice attempts at dyeing yarn have been limited to Kool Aid.

photo by Ayelet

Now I’ve stumbled onto a site called  Brambleberries in the Rain, where Cynthia blogs about gardening, natural dyes, and knitting.

Some examples:    Here she took wool yarn and silk

and dyed them with blackberries from her garden.

Here is roving dyed with brazilwood

And yarn dyed with tea leaves along with yarn dyed with black beans!



Her fiber shop on etsy, Brambleberry Yarns, has lots more – dye from walnuts, goldenrod, onion skins, and more.   (She dyes in small quantities, depending on what is in season, so these yarns are truly unique!)

Worth checking out!

In my knitting, the Lazy Red River is very close to being finished.

Just one last push, while I try to fight off the head cold that is threatening to clog my sinuses and befuddle my brain.  Then I can mail it off.

I need a vacation.


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One Response to “Natural Dyes”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Oh, I love that blackberry yarn!

    Your scarf is beautiful! Lucky college kid.

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