Thou pribbling clapper-clawed flap-dragon!

Thou fobbing tickle-brained moldwarp!

No, I haven’t lost it completely.  These are from a lesson planning resource called “Shakespeare Set Free” published by the Folger Library.    The series is based on two key beliefs. The first is that the best way for students to learn Shakespeare is by doing Shakespeare. The second is that Shakespeare is for everyone.  They publish guides and lesson plans for teaching seven of the bard’s plays, with strategies for immersing the students in the language of Shakespeare.

One tool is the Shakespeare Insult Kit:

No more need for boring insults, this list provides so many possibilities for being creative, in a tastefully offensive way, worthy of great literature.

Have fun with it.  I certainly plan to.

Thou mewling swag-bellied pumpion.

Thou beslubbering beef-witted barnacle.

Oh, yes.


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