More buried treasure

Still digging through boxes.  Today was another wonderful find.  (The fact that none of the boxes were labeled is a source of great frustration when looking for something….and sometimes great delight when something special that had disappeared comes to light…)

We bought several souvenirs on last year’s trip to Greece.  One of our favourite places was the artists’ colony in the village of Oía on the island of Santorini.

Santorini is famous for its donkeys.  Once they were the only way to get to the capital – built on a cliff – from the sea.  So when you reach the island from that side, you ride donkeys or mules up the steep slope to the top.

Some years ago the Swiss-made cable car, also known as the “teleferique,” made its appearance. It was a gift from the wealthy Santorini ship owner Nomikos. This made things easier for tourists who had luggage to carry with them. Of course the donkey owners didn’t lose much because a percentage of the money earned from the cable car is given to them.

Donkeys are also used in traditional weddings where the bride rides a rather well dressed donkey to the church and back to her house.

So it wasn’t a surprise that donkeys are a feature of many aspects of Santorini.  Another feature of the island is beautiful mosaics, especially in churches.  So when we visited one of the many art galleries in the village, I was happy to find mosaic donkeys!  Couldn’t afford one of the larger works, so I grabbed a donkey for the fridge.

And then another little mosaic statue caught my eye.  And there was no way to resist.

Come on, how could I not buy this?

So today I found these little pearls tucked away in a box of books.  Donkey is on the fridge, kitty and yarn on my desk.  And more boxes have been emptied.

Who knows what the next treasure will be?  Gives me an incentive to keep unpacking….


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