Street/Sidewalk/Garden Vendor


This is the woman who sits outside my supermarket on Friday mornings all through the winter, selling knitted items like hats, gloves, scarves, socks.  She may be there other mornings as well,  but since I’m at work I don’t know about it.

I don’t see her sell much, although occasionally people stop to look.  It’s a neighbourhood supermarket, where many of the patrons know each other, and I guess most are just used to seeing her there.

Her wares are well knit, with yarn that looks and feels like acrylic – I doubt she can afford much else.

I used to try and talk to her, but she’s not too interested in socialising.  Not interested in chatting about knitting with other knitters, seeing anyone else’s knitting, or anything else.    She’s only interested in do you want to buy, or not.

She sits there patiently for hours, but I’ve never seen her pick up a knitting needle or a crochet hook while she’s there.  I wondered if maybe she was selling someone else’s work, but in the brief sentences she has exchanged with me, she claims it as her own.

What can I say?   I hope she makes a little bit of income from this.  I wish her well.



3 Responses to “Street/Sidewalk/Garden Vendor”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Yes – there’s a lady (or two) like that in Hadar too between Hehalutz and Hertzel; I’ve seen her knitting though 🙂
    Haven’t tried to talk to her, I am afraid she only speaks Russian.

  2. Knittingdancer on Ravelry Says:

    I think I would be knitting to help past time while I was sitting there. She may be able to sell more if people actually see her knitting or crocheting the items.

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