Lazy Red River

I decided to go with my stash yarn for the Red Scarf Project.  The Novita Veljestä is not a deep red, more like a kind of faded red, just before it crosses the line to dark pink.

The Lazy River pattern is perfect for such a quick project – a simple easy-to-read 8-row repeat, so no need to consult a pattern or a  chart or even a row counter, just pick up and knit.  I cast on last night, but didn’t have much time to knit, did more this morning on the commute to work.

As soon as I knit this up and send it off, I can get back to the Reunion.  And the Maccabi.  And the other WIPs waiting reproachfully.

Finally bought a new washing machine!  They called yesterday about delivering it today, but the only time frame they could give me was “between noon and 5pm”.  Way too much going on at work to take the entire day off – which I would have to do to be at home at the right time – so we decided on delivery on Thursday.   I hope they can give me a more reasonable time, like first thing in the morning, which would allow me to get to work.  Late, but better than losing the whole day.   Once they do deliver it, I have to call for a service rep to come hook it up.   Maybe by the weekend I can actually do laundry at home.  But let’s not be too enthusiastic too soon….

Did you know that also has a section for historic LOLs?    Observe:

A fun addition to the site, although I still like the LOLcats best.

Go, Domino.


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