Doors and Walls and Decorations Thereon

It can be very difficult getting rid of your children’s artwork.  But kidlet is such a prolific artist – drawings, sculptures, you-name-it – and she has been since she was very small.  So when we moved there simply wasn’t room for it all.  (There wasn’t room in the old place either, but I just couldn’t throw any of it away.)  So we took the opportunity to go through everything,  we sat together and chose a few special pieces to keep.  Well, OK, more than a few.  But fewer.

But that doesn’t mean she has stopped producing more!  Her newest works, however, have already found good places.

Last month, she decided to be practical and made a new sign for the front door.

(Here the T- family lives in style)

It wasn’t quite the text I would have chosen, but hey, why not.

This weekend she brought a sign for the inside entrance, with a blessing for the home.

(In the shape of the hamsa, for good luck.)   It’s going up this week.

We’re still discussing where her artwork should be best displayed.  I do have a certain shelf in mind, if I can figure a way to keep the cat away from it.  And some will be hung in her room.

Any other ideas?  Where do you keep your kids’ art?


One Response to “Doors and Walls and Decorations Thereon”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Lovely! I wish I were that talented !

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